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January 2, 2012
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Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 DLC: Extra Boss / Mode

Secret Boss: Yami


A five form boss fight, Yami is the final enemy of Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Unlike his appearance in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, here he possesses all of his forms instead of just three. He's also much stronger and resilient than that of his TvC appearance.

Total Health of Boss (All 5 Forms):  7,500,000 +

Power Ranking:

Intelligence: 7
Strength: 7
Speed: 7
Stamina: 7
Energy Projection: 7
Fighting Ability: 4

Bio Description:

Yami is known as the Emperor of Eternal Darkness and is the supreme ruler of all evil beings. Yami resides within the Ark of Yamato, a vessel that fell from the heavens and crashed into Laochi Lake. It was he who slew the innocent celestials aboard the ship and let loose a curse on the land of mortals, plaguing the people of the mortal world with evil monsters. However, Yami was utterly defeated by the efforts of Amaterasu, saving the land of Nippon from utter destruction.

Character Theme: Emperor of Eternal Darkness (Theme of Yami) – Okami OST

Stage Theme: Dark Remix of Spirit Extermination (Ark of Yamato Theme) – Okami OST


Upon defeating Galactus, the screen will go black, Then from a distance a round object will begin to glow red in the dark, emitting dark energy. In a flash, the stage will light up and Yami will reveal himself to the player. The match will start like that of any other, only this time…instead of reading "Reeeeeeeady" or "Defend the Earth", the title will read "End it all!" Showing that this is the final fight of the game in order to fully save the world.

First Form: Humanity's Desire to Destroy.
Health: 1,800,000 HP Points
Takes 25% more damage from Projectiles
The first form is Yami's most recognizable form, namely a large ball with red hieroglyphs all around its body. It's basic but still deadly at the same time. Yami will not flinch when he takes damage in ANY of his forms, so be very careful when attacking.  Unlike TvC, Yami has the ability to move around on his own now without jump attacking, so it makes him more hard to read. Don't worry, each character regains 200,000 HP Points upon defeating each form of Yami.


Hammer Smash (135,000)

Yami will summon a hammer in order to smash the opponent, it'll come out quickly and cause a ground shake around him, so normal blocking won't do. You must crouch block to successfully block this attack.

Saw Slice (140,000)

A low hitting attack, Yami will summon a circular saw to strike low at the player's feet. A jump or crouching block are the safest route when dodging this attack.

Jumping Hammer (160,000)

Yami will jump into the air and slam down into the ground using his hammer, causing a small shockwave around him. Anything on the ground within the shockwave will be hit regardless of blocking direction, one must jump to dodge this attack.

Clay Soldier Launch (120,000 per Clay Soldier)

A projectile used by Yami, he will launch Clay Soldier missiles from his body which in turn will try to strike the player. Like any other projectile, they can simply be blocked in any way desired.

Hyper Combo: Dark Destruction: (300,000)

Yami will leap up into the air, his body glowing a red color. He will then smash himself into the ground and cause a large uprising shockwave to travel all the way across the screen. Airborne characters will not be effected by the attack, but characters on the ground will instantly be hit as it moves VERY fast.

Hyper Combo: Dark Cannon (298,000)

Yami's body will open up, revealing its true form from within the machine (The first time his true form has been seen in a fighting game BTW for it was not seen in TvC) and let loose a large laser blast from its ball, one that will move from the ground up in an angle-like blast, but unlike Shuma's Mystic Ray, it's only one fire instead of two. The area it covers is large, but it's very hard to actually be struck by this attack due to it is very slow.

Hyper Combo: Dark Blades (420,000)

Yami's most powerful Hyper Combo when in his first form, Yami will summon two spinning saws and move back and forth across the screen, causing major damage to anyone who gets caught in the attack. After about 3-4 front to back movements, Yami will make the saws disappear and continue fighting.


When the first form is destroys, the body will become enshrouded in a dark mist, then becoming its second form.

Second Form: Humanity's Desire to Burn
Health: 1,650,000 HP Poiints
-25% on Physical attacks, +50% on Projectiles

This form was not previously seen in TvC and makes its first appearance in the Versus series. This form is not as strong as the first form, but is much more projectile based in wearing down the enemy.


Fire Trail  (160,000)

Yami will move from one side of the screen to the other, leaving behind him a trail of fire upon the ground. The attack is capable of either being blocked or dodging by super jumping.

Seperation (180,000 Total)

Yami will separate into several different pieces, pieces going to both sides of the screen. The pieces will then quickly rush toward the center and reattach with one another, causing damage to whoever gets stuck in between the pieces and the center.

Flaming Spire (120,000 per spire)

Yami will shoot fire into the ground, which in turn will cause fire plumes to come shooting out of the ground to damage the opponent. The area in which the spires come out of completely varies on where the opponent is standing, but it's never directly WHERE the opponent is standing when the attack was started, so standing still is probably the safest bet.

Hyper Combo: Fire in the Sky (400,000)

The only Hyper combo Yami possesses in this form, but it's very powerful and cannot be fully dodged as it is full screen. Yami will shoot Fire up into the sky, which will rain down like Storm's Ice Storm Hyper Combo, causing not that bad in chip damage, but very destructive damage if the player isn't blocking.

Third Form: Humanity's Desire to Gamble with Lives (Their Own/Others)
Health: 1,100,000 HP Points
-50% Phyisical Attacks, Invulnerable to Projectiles

The third form is that of Yami's Giant Slot Machine form, this form possessing the lowest amount of life of the five forms, but do not take it lightly because of this, for this form is invincible when it comes to projectiles and takes 50% less damage from attacks. However, upon the effects of one of its Hyper Combos, it can change to an increasion of +50% Physical Attacks.


Dark Ball Fire (100,000)

A technique most used to counter Yami in Okami, this will launch Dark balls at the player to cause damage. Like other projectiles, this attack can be blocked or reflected using reflector or counter abilities.

Fire Blast (160,000)

Yami will shoot out Fire at the player which will blow across the screen. Its fairly standard and has the capabilities to be reflected or countered like the Dark Ball.

Lightning Strike (150,000 per strike)

Yami will shoot out lightning bolts from overhead, which will only strike close to Yami and will not reach the full length of the screen. Distance is key when dodging this attack. Being at least half-screen away from Yami is the safe zone on this attack.

Frost Strike (175,000)

Yami will shoot ice that will freeze the ground and cause a freeze stun if the player's character gets stuck in the attack. The ground is not a safe place during this attack, for the air is the safest way to go in order to avoid damage.

Hyper Combo: All up to Chance

The only Hyper Combo that the third form possesses, however…this hyper combo has 5 different variations that can be achieved, one of which actually benefits the player.

#1: Fire Storm (350,000)

Yami will let loose a large shockwave of fire across the ground that rises as it goes farther, so being both airborne and close to Yami are advised during this hyper combo, even though it is indeed very risky.

#2: Thunder Maelstrom (354,000)

Yami will summon forth a large thunderhead to cover the top section of the map, which will then strike down lightning in random parts of the map, the range being that of full screen. It's advised to be cautious for you don't know where the next lightning bolt will strike, and no, it cannot lock onto characters nor follow their movements.

#3: Dark Fury (280,000)

Yami will launch out a large wall of Dark Balls that'll go the distance of the screen in an angle, leaving only a small safe-point right in front of Yami as he performs the attack. Big characters like Hulk and Nemesis won't be able to protect themselves in said safe-zone however, mainly due to they're too big, however, they are still capable of blocking.

#4: Dark Tundra (250,000)

The most difficult of the five to dodge, for it is an instant strike along the ground that will freeze the player's character for a brief moment, also leaving poor mobility if they dodge for the floor will be frozen.

#5: System Malfunction (-/-)

Upon lining up three spheres in a row, the machine will malfunction and Yami will fall to the ground. It is here that the player can really wail on Yami, for he now has a +50% weakness to physical attacks. Note, projectiles are still useless, so don't bother using projectile hyper combos at this time.

Form #4: Humanity's Desire to Rely on Technology and use it to Evil Means
Health: 1,950,000 HP Points
-25% Physical Damage, -25% Projectile Damage

The Fourth form is actually the second form seen in TvC, although the two forms of both games have major differences in both mobility and attack.


Lightning Tentacle (150,000)

The most destructive about this form is its incredible reach, and this attack is just an example of that, for it goes almost full-screen. These attacks are slow so they're easy to block, but cause an immediate wall bounce if you do manage to get struck.

Clay Soldiers Lv. 2 (140,000 Per Clay Soldier)

Yami will launch forth Clay soldier missiles, just like his first form was capable of using, however, these missiles move much faster and do more damage than the ones the first form was capable of using.

Techno Bomb (120,000 per Bomb)

Yami will fold his arms and legs into his body and float across the screen, dropping bombs behind him as he travels from one side of the screen to the other, causing major damage to whoever gets trapped underneath, for the attack can't be blocked from directly overhead and any player caught in the air is knocked to the ground for an instant OTG.

Hyper Combo: Thunder Spike (380,000)

Yami will raise his arms above his head, charging a large energy blast within his body. In a flash, he'll let loose a large lightning shockwave that will travel across the screen at a very fast state, the shockwave high enough to catch airborne characters if they don't super jump.

Hyper Combo: God Killer (450,000)

A command grab and gaining the name from the cutscene it was displayed in within Okami, Yami will grab the player and continuously electrocute them before throwing the character away onto the ground. The reach of this attack is incredible, so the only way to effectively dodge this attack is to be airborne during the activation.

Final Form: Humanity uses their Hands for Evil
Health: 4,000,000 HP Points
No Perks

The Final form of the battle and the playable form used in Yami Mode. When using the mode, this is the only form you can play as. This form possesses the highest health, the most powerful attacks, the most techniques to use and no perks, so it's fair game.


Energy Ball Throw (In Yami Mode = L) (165,000)

Yami will pitch an energy ball using its giant hand, which will cause an instant wall bounce upon contact if the player does not block the incoming attack.

Clay Soldiers Lv. 3 (In Yami Mode = L + Forward) (150,000 per missile)

Yami will shoot out two Clay Soldiers which will target the player for attack. The upgrade from Lv.2 to Lv.3 is that the Soldiers will try to track the player's movement in order to effectively strike, but it is indeed not too hard to dodge this attack.

Fist Smash (In Yami Mode = M) (170,000)

Yami will smash his fist into the ground angrily, causing a shockwave that goes full screen and shakes the screen. The safest route for this attack is in the air.

Dark Twister (In Yami Mode = M + Forward) (200,000)

With the spin of his hand, Yami will summon a tornado that will rush across the screen at a fast pace, getting faster the farther that it travels. The attack will push the opponent back to the farthest end of the screen if the attack connects, making this a must-dodge for characters that rely on up-close tactics to fight the best.

Dark Palm (In Yami Mode = H) (145,000)

Yami will thrust his hand forward and smash it into the opponent, causing major damage and causing a wall bounce upon connection.

Dark Grasp (In Yami Mode = H + Backward) (250,000)

Yami will grab the opponent and crush them in his fist, then throw them to the ground in a crumpled state.

Darkness Uprising (In Yami Mode = S)

This will darken the stage and cause Yami to become even faster and stronger. It's a form that lasts for 10 seconds, but at the risk of using it, Yami becomes immobile for 4 seconds after usage of the ability, so it's a high risk high return ability.

Hyper Combo: Dark Meteor (In Yami Mode = Qcf + L) (350,000)

Yami will give a thumbs down motion as dark rocks rain down from above, taking up the full screen and causing extreme damage if the player gets stuck in the attack. No one is safe from this attack, but it is blockable.

Hyper Combo: Anger of the Earth (In Yami Mode = Qcb + M) (330,000)

Yami will smash his fist into the ground extremely hard, causing pillars to spike up out of the ground and send the player skyward, causing major damage for only crouching block can defend against this attack.

Hyper Combo: The Touch of Death (In Yami Mode = Hcb + H)  (670,000)

Yami's single strongest ability, grasping the opponent in his hand before throwing him against the wall and shooting a large beam from its hand, causing extremely painful damage, more damage than any Hyper combo in the game. The only thing that possibly exceeds the damage of this attack is the Instant kill attack used by Galactus.

Upon defeating this form, the battle will end. You don't get a special ending for defeating Yami, but you do get his bio, his picture, and an achievement/trophy.


Blocking out the Darkness: Defeat The Evil Lord Yami

Controlling the Darkness: Complete Yami Mode for the First Time

Titles to be Unlocked:

Lord of Evil (For Completing Yami Mode)

Hero of Light (Defeating Yami in Arcade Mode)

The Sun Rises (Defeating Yami as Amaterasu)

The Setting Sun (Defeat Amaterasu in Yami Mode)

Rating: T for Teen

Price: $2.00 PSN/160 Microsoft Points

Release Date: ??????

Created by Hotfeet444
Just a little DLC idea I came up with, one to bring back the Final boss of the past Versus game, the Emperor of Eternal Darkness, Yami himself. A five form boss that possesses over 5,000,000 in total, a powerful foe that can test the skills of those who're good at this game (Like ME! 8D). I personally think that Yami was a better Versus boss than that of Galactus, and by all means I want to bring him back into the Versus series. Yami himself possesses at LEAST the same level of power that Galactus possesses, and as impossible as that sounds, he's the freaking ruler of all things evil, nuff said.

Anyways, let me know what you think of this idea. :D

Theme of Yami: [link]

Theme of Ark of Yamato: [link]
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