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Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Moveset:

Gender: Male

Species: Robot

Game Series: MegaMan

First Appearance: MegaMan 3 (1990)

Health: 880,000 HP Points

Voice Actor:

Power Ranking  (Out of 7)

Intelligence: 4
Strength: 4
Speed: 5
Stamina: 3
Energy Projection: 7
Fighting Ability: 4


The first robot that was ever designed by Dr. Light, ProtoMan is seen as an older brother figure to MegaMan. He started as a subordinate of Dr. Wily, but betrayed him in order to fight alongside MegaMan. He recently teamed up with MegaMan in order to stop a virus that was travelling across the world and infecting robots.

Assist Alpha: Break Dash (Direct, Front)
Assist HC: Shield Barrage
Assist Beta: Mirror Buster (Extra, Instant) (Reflects Projectiles)
Assist HC: Shield Barrage
Assist Gamma: Atomic Harmonizer (Extra, Instant) (Adds power to the Hyper Bar)
Assist HC: Shield Barrage


ProtoMan will teleport into the stage, his signature whistle being heard as he enters. ProtoMan will then have his back to the opponent. He will then turn around and face the opponent, getting into his fighting stance.

Entrance Quotes:

#1: I'll try to make this quick…

#2: This looks almost too easy…

#3: Am I supposed to be scared by you?

#4: I don't fear you…nor your power…

#5: I'll take you down quickly…

Against Zero: Just another Wannabe Superstar…I'll take you down…

Against Sentinel: You look tough…may not want to save ammo on you…


Attack Layout:

Ground Level

Standing Light: Straight Punch (43,000)

Standing Medium: Shield Smash (56,000)

Standing Hard: Strong Punch (75,000)

Standing Special: Tornado Blow (80,000)


Crouching Light: Low Kick (44,000)

Crouching Medium: Double Leg Kick (56,000)

Crouching Hard: Sliding Kick (75,000)

Air Attacks

Air Light: Straight Kick (51,000)

Air Medium: Overhead kick (55,000)

Air Hard: Shield Smash (78,000)

Air Special: Screw Crusher (85,000)

Unique Moves

Yamato Spear (F + H) (76,000)

Special Moves

Proto Strike (Qcf + A) (Shot = 85,000 Charged = 110,000)

ProtoMan will shoot out a blast of energy with his Proto Buster, the speed that the energy shot travels at is dependant on the attack button in the input. Holding the desired attack button will also allow you to charge up the Proto Strike, making it more powerful and being able to go through other fireballs when fully charged.

Break Dash (Dp + A) (125,000)

ProtoMan, using his shield, will dash forward at immense speed, breaking through all projectiles and smashing through opponents. L and M versions will bounce the opponents off of his shield, causing large knockback for L and a wall bounce for M, while H will plow right through the opponent, going all the way across the screen.

Proto Smash (Hcb + A) (160,000)

ProtoMan's command grab. He'll grab the opponent, then Shield dashing across the screen with the opponent against the shield and continuously taking damage. He'll then smash the opponent into the wall, causing a hit decay and ending the attack.

Mirror Buster (Dpb + A) (N/A)

ProtoMan will pull out his shield, reflecting all projectiles that bounce off his shield, the fireball projectiles are sent back flying even faster than the speed they were launched. M shield will send the projectile in an angle making it become an anti-air projectile. H will absorb the attack, then after taking 3 attacks, he'll be able to send back a large blast of energy from his shield if the attack is used again.

Reactor Charge (Down + Down + A) (N/A)

ProtoMan will charge his Nuclear Core, quickly gaining Hyper Bar as he does. This attack works exactly like Thor's and Felicia's do.

Hyper Combos

Shield Barrage (260,000) (Qcf + AA)

A much more powerful version of Break Dash, ProtoMan will dash across the stage using his Shield, continuously smashing into the opponent and causing a major amount of damage. The final strike causes a powerful knockback.

Beat Assist (35,000 per strike) (Dp + AA)

With a quick whistle, ProtoMan will call in Beat for assistance. Every time the attack button is pushed, Beat will attack the opponent. He does a spinning dash attack that goes some distance off the ground. This assist attack lasts for 10 seconds.

Level 3: Big Bang Strike (400,000) (Hcb + AA)

ProtoMan will let out a burst of energy outward, If the opponent is caught in the area of energy, the attack will begin. ProtoMan will charge his Nuclear Core which will begin to flash, then beginning to charge up a blast in his Proto Buster, he'll then release the shot, Engulfing the opponent inside a Big Bang Shot. The shot will do major damage to the opponent before it disappears, the hyper combo then ending.

Victory Pose:

ProtoMan will turn his back to the camera, looking back and wagging his finger. He'll then teleport away off the screen.

Victory Quotes:

#1: Looks like I took a little longer than I was aiming for…

#2: Don't be mad you lost…it wasn't your fight…

#3: I guess that I didn't need to waste that much ammo after all.

#4: All too easy…

#5: You're now even uglier than you were before…

Against Zero/Sentinel: You're all the same...hollow and empty…

Assist Quotes:

Call Partner:




Last Person Switch Out:

"Consider it taken care of…"

Color Scheme:

Color #1: Red Helmet/Shield/Boots/Gloves

Color #2: Blue Helmet/Shield/Boots/Gloves

Color #3: Black Helmet/Shield/Boots/Gloves

Color #4: Green Helmet/Shield/Boots/Gloves

Color #5: White Helmet/Shield/Boots/Gloves

Color #6: Orange Helmet/Shield/Boots/Gloves

I hereby give Capcom full rights over this moveset and are welcome to use this in any way/shape/form that they desire.
Yet another Moveset from the MegaMan series, this time featuring MegaMan's older brother figure, ProtoMan. ProtoMan travels along with MegaMan to our world to help get rid of the Galactus problem, then getting sidetracked in his own ideals and going to look for something more exciting.

Enjoy Everyone. :D

Next up...Classic Bass. :D
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LaunchBoss Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2011
You could use Jonathan Love as his voice actor, since he played him in Megaman Powered Up.
DJHiryu508 Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2011
If any megaman classic character were to get in, I'd want it to be protoman
Hagure-Hitogata Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
profile of blues jeje
good job
BassBX Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2011  Student Writer
Classic Bass is next! Woo!
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That's awesome! :clap: Your pretty good! I approve of this! :D
Agent-Eli Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Sweet work dude. One of my faves!
DestinyDecade Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Very well done. :)
NetGreen123 Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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