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August 15, 2011
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Phoenix Wright UMVC3 Moveset by Hotfeet444 Phoenix Wright UMVC3 Moveset by Hotfeet444

This is my official idea for Phoenix Wright’s moveset. This special description card describes everything you need to know, including series, Health, all special moves, all hyper combos (excluding Level 3) and all assists.


- Lots of diversity in moves.
- Capable of powerful combos and decent damage
- A very useful set of assists and specials.
- Objection has a top priority when it comes to Hyper Combos


- Average feet movement
- If moves are not used properly, they’re seriously punishable
- Doesn’t have a ton of mobility options aside from an air dash.

As you can see, all the special moves are colored with a different color, indicating a different use. Here you can see that it works like this…

Green = Projectile

Yellow = Knockback

White = Various/Assist

Red = Counter

Light Blue = Meter builder

Blue = Hyper combo

And now for a description of the moves…

Present Evidence: (Type: Projectile. Qcf + A)

Phoenix Wright will present a piece of evidence, then throwing it at the opponent. This is Phoenix’s main Projectile in the game, and the weapons he throws are almost always different each throw. This move is designed like Anki Lou from Hsien-Ko, only instead of an arched throw it’s a straight throw. Some evidence also have condition altering capabilities, like burning, electrocution or stun. These projectiles move at the same pace as Anki Lou, very fast but cover a small hitbox. The damage is also less than that of a normal Hadoken, but not by much, less than 5K.

Desk Slam: (Type: Knockback. Qcfx2 + A)

A powerful knockback move that has the capabilities of causing wall bounces and OTG bounces, and quite possibly Phoenix’s greatest assist, a desk appearing out of nowhere in which Phoenix will slam down on, causing an outward shockwave that will travel a small distance. The shockwave will cause a greater knockback depending on how close the opponent is to Phoenix when he uses this attack, closest causing a wall bounce and the farthest causing a normal knockback. It’s also a good move to use in order to get opponents to back off when they’re trying to attempt a long chain combo or to continue a combo via assist.

Attorney Support: (Type: Various/Assist. Qcb + A)

Taking some development ideas from Doronjo from TvC, Phoenix can all upon three different attorneys to do an attack to attack the opponent. The player can either call upon Edgeworth (Attacks with an Objection bubble, close range attack that will only work if the opponent’s right in front of Phoenix), Godot (Takes a Coffee pot and spills hot coffee on the opponent, causes a fire effect and goes medium distance), and Fransizka Von Karma (Uses a whip to attack, goes almost the entire distance of the screen, works like Yatterman’s Kendamagic, and can cause an OTG bounce to downed opponents from a great distance, although the bounce is greater depending on how close the opponent is.) These characters are called out depending on the Attack button used.

Hold it! (Type: Counter. Qcbx2 + A)

A useful counter move, Phoenix will put a hand on his chin and think for a moment, not doing anything if the opponent doesn’t strike. If the opponent hits Phoenix while he’s thinking, he’ll attack with a “HOLD IT!” speak bubble, the direction the opponent flies in is varied by the attack button. One is to block low attacks (Crouches while he thinks, causing a bubble that sweeps out the opponent’s feet), one to block mid/normal stance (Causes a Knockback that causes a powerful wall bounce) and one for projectiles (Is capable of reflecting fireballs and cancelling out projectiles like Uni Beam and Electromagnetic Disruptor.

Case Study (Type: Meter build, Down + Down + A)

A move that came to me just recently but works with the character very well, like that of Thor and Felicia, Phoenix will begin to charge his hyper meter, but unlike Thor Monologing or Felicia’s charging pose, Phoenix will pull out a piece of paper and begin to discuss what sounds like a court setup. The move will build meter just as fast as Thor and Felicia, and Phoenix is capable of cancelling out of it as well, just like Felicia and Thor. Thor is not a character that many use for his meter charging due to he’s very slow and can be seen as a sitting duck half the time and Felicia’s mainly offense, for her ground game is, as the guide for this game says, Horrifyingly powerful. Phoenix however can effectively use this whenever he gets a chance to breath, which can be alot due to his amazing keep-away game.

Hyper Combos:

OBJECTION!!! (Type: Direct. Qcf + AA)

The famous quotation of Phoenix Wright is finally turned into a full out attack. As he’s known for, Phoenix will point his finger and yell out his famous “OBJECTION!!!!” line, causing damage with a comical Speech bubble like the one that it’s normally seen with. The unique thing about his Hyper combo is that this HC has priority over almost ever HC in the game, making it a really dangerous weapon to punish characters with. The area in which the speech bubble covers is not that large, but it does cancel out all projectiles trying to get through to Phoenix. This attack even has priority over the HCs of Crimson Viper, believed to be the character who has the most priority HCs.

The Magatama: (Type: Direct (Grab started). Qcfx2 + AA)

Phoenix Wright will present the Magatama. If the attack connects, in which the chains latch onto the opponent, the opponent is locked in chains and is bashed with phychelocks then Phoenix breaks them, adding more damage.

And now…for the hidden Level 3 Hyper Combo…

Team Attorney: (Type: Team attack. Hcb + AA)

Think of this as a move like that of Captain Commando’s. The attack is started out by a lunging punch on the opponent, the character then being transferred to an area that seems like that of the Courtroom from the Ace Attorney . Phoenix and Edgeworth appearing on either side of the opponent, yelling “TAKE THAT!!!” continuously and continuously dealing damage, Godot and Von Karma then attacking with a “TAKE THAT” before the Judge slams down his gavel yelling “GUILTY!” Finishing the attack with a powerful blow. The area then transfers back to normal as the battle either finishes or continues.

And now it’s all up to time. In about a month we may be seeing just how Phoenix Wright plays in UMVC3, and I can only hope he’s at least half as good as I’ve designed him here. Enjoy everyone, and I can only hope that you’re as psyched to play as Phoenix Wright as I am.
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Captainface Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2011

Raeganleifen Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2011
HAHA I love the team attack, Though I think I'd prefer of t were just Nick and Edgy.
These all sound fantastic, can't wait for his reveal trailer.

And I know its old n all, but the person who's been going around bashing Nick with every chance he can get, is just arrogant and in no way open minded. SO just let him cry over the fact that nick got in the game.
TeKKen-kId1993 Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2011
This is to epic 4 words. i'm in awwwww. Phoenix is gonna out class so many of the cast-members ^_^
ShaianWillems Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
this made me laugh. xD
i hope the magatama chains will be EPIC!
Axelarius Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2011
Phoenix Wright... Finally...
AtcyJACSappiness Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2011
I think his hadoken special will be called speech bubble, and depending on which attack button you hit determines which thing he says. Hold it will cause the opponent to stumble back, take that will cause the opponent to crumple, and Objection will send the opponent flying against the wall.

Then he will have a hyper combo that's just one big Objection.
BatCountryDouche Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2011
The Objection hyper combo will cancel out projectiles? Does that include beam super moves like the Shinkuu Hadouken and Proton Cannon?

Also, I really think that the OBJECTION and HOLD IT shouts should be switched. I think Wright just shouting OBJECTION for a hyper combo would be sorta wasted, and I can easily see HOLD IT being a hyper that slows down time, much like V-Joe and Amaterasu's hyper combos.

I can easily see an OBJECTION attack that functions like Dark Hole and Analyze Cube.

Other than that, awesome moveset.
Hotfeet444 Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
OBJECTION is is famous quote though, it's the best possible idea for a PW Hyper Combo. I think it'd work like this...He'd start out by saying "No no...the story doesn't add up....OBJECTION!!!!!!!!"

And HOLD IT is best for a counter, due to I'm expecting Phoenix to have at least one of them. And yes, it'd have priority over that of Shinkuu Hadoken and Proton Cannon if activated right after of before it, due to there's hyper combos, like Felicia's Dancing Flash and C.Viper's Emergency Combination, that can go through beams like that to attack the enemy. Phoenix's Objection would attack with a speech bubble and the start-up moment is when Phoenix gains a brief moment of invulnerability. And no...not to all of them, but it'd take the lines of a level 3 to beat it.
BatCountryDouche Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2011
I'm sorry. Let me correct my self:

The Objection hyper combo will have higher priority than the other HCs?
starboy35 Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2011
Hey can I ask you something. There was someone that I commented on a sprite of Phoenix and saying that Phoenix was a mistake to put in the game. I have been trying to convince him that it's not really bad, but now he was saying that since Nemisis players could destroy Phoenix players and make them regret having him in the game. I though since you created this, you might be able to help change his mind on the whold thing.
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