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Darkstalkers 4: Warriors of Endless Night

Moveset: Tony

Name: Tony
Age: 23 (46 in human years)
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 181 lbs
Species: Cat-Creature


Possesses superior speed and agility to that of any human, also being able to use his own life force in battle. Tony's soul is hardened with a warrior's spirit, being able to use an ability used only by very very few, the power of black aura. The soul's colored different colors in order to show the kind of spirit that one person possesses, most people's souls are blue, evil souls have been tainted with red and purple souls while Black souls represent one who's too good to be bad but too evil to be good. Tony has lost very much in his life, and it's left him very damaged in his thoughts upon the world, but he still continues to protect the humans, even though he's had to kill several humans in self defense before. He also possesses super sharp claws, acrobatic skills, and powers of energy manipulation. Tony can also transform into a black housecat if he chooses to.


Tony's look is somewhat basic for his kind. He has scruffy black hair along with large black cat ears with a splash of red at the end. His chest has a patch of thick fur on it, somewhat resembling the chest-hair of Shadow the Hedgehog and Zangief. He has a V-mark of fur over his 6-pack abs, and he's cover entirely from the waist below in thick black fur. He has Cat paws for hands and feet and his eyes are a sky blue color. Tony also has a black tail with a splash of red at the end like his ears.

Attack Layout:

Standing Light Punch: Straight punch

A straight jab punch that moves quickly to attack the opponent, being nicknamed a bullet punch due to you can repeatedly push the button for a fast punch combo.

Standing Medium Punch: Claw Slash

Tony will slash the opponent with his claws, the claws leaving behind a black/purple aura as he slashes.

Standing Hard Punch: Claw Upper

Tony will slash upward using his claws, leaving behind traces of black aura as he slashes.

Standing Light Kick: Shin Kick

Tony will kick low at the opponent's shins, can hit the opponent if they're on the ground.

Standing Medium Kick: Straight Kick

Tony will do a straight kick forward, hitting the opponent not only with his foot, but the claws on his feet.

Standing Hard Kick: Roundhouse Kick

Tony will flip forward, attacking the opponent with a powerful roundhouse kick.

Crouching Light Punch: Feet Claw

Tony will claw at the opponent's feet.

Crouching Medium Punch: Double Slash

Tony will attack with his claws twice, doing good damage.

Crouching Hard Punch: Claw Twister

Tony will jump up slightly and spin around with his claws extended outward, doing damage.

Crouching Light Kick: Low Kick

Tony will do a low kick at the opponent's feet.

Crouching Medium Kick: Low Reach Kick

Tony will do a low kick, reaching out even farther to do more damage than before.

Crouching Hard Kick: Double Leg Kick

Tony will extend both legs forward, tripping up the opponent and doing good damage.

Air Light Punch: Aerial Claw Slash

Tony will attack with his claws in the air.

Air Medium Punch: Claw extension

Tony will lunge out his claws, the aura making the attack reach out even farther.

Air Hard Punch: Slashing Hammer

Tony will attack using both his claws with an overhead slash to the opponent.

Air Light Kick: Straight Kick

Tony will do a straight Kick forward, doing damage.

Air Medium Kick: Upper Kick

Tony will do a kick in the air that's aimed upward, good for close quarters only.

Air Hard Kick: Axe Kick

Tony will do an overhead smash kick to the opponent, doing major damage.

Unique Moves:

CCC (Close Claw Combat) (Punch Throw) (Forward + Hard Punch)

Tony will stab his claws through the opponent, then either kicking them off of him using his legs or throwing him over his head for the back throw.

Jaguar Spring (Kick Throw) (Forward + Hard Kick)

Tony will roll along the ground with the opponent, then kicking them off with both feet before getting back on his feet.

Special Moves:

Shadow Claws (Qcf + Punch) (ES Capability)

Tony will do a dash forward and attack the opponent with his claws, which are covered in his black aura. This attack goes longer and shorter distances depending on the punch button you use in the input. ES Shadow Claw has you using two slashes instead of one, also going a much farther distance than once available.

Shadow Gauntlet (Dp + Punch)

Tony will do a quick flip/arc jump kick into the opponent, leaving behind a trail of his aura in the process and causing a slight burn factor to the opponent. This will cause the opponent to be knocked down to the ground.

Shadow Demolisher (Dp + Kick) (ES Capabilty)

Tony will rush forward with a quick dash kick to the opponent, which can either be a sliding kick (Light Kick) a straight kick forward (Medium Kick) or a High Kick (Hard Kick) ES Shadow Demolisher is a High Kick followed by a Sliding Kick

Shadow Rocket (Qcb + Kick) (ES Capability)

Tony will backflip into the air, then doing a very quick downward kick that causes and aura to burn around Tony's foot. The start-up time is all dependant by what Kick button was used, along with distance and damage output. ES Shadow Rocket, also known as Shadow Eagle, slices through the opponent and causes major damage.

Shadow Trick (Dpb + Kick During Block)

Tony's guard cancel attack, he'll hit the opponent with an aura charged elbow to the stomach when he activates this move, causing the opponent to stumble to the ground.

Shadow Rend: (Qcf + Kick) (ES Capabilty)

Tony's projectile, he'll use the power of his aura to slash aura-like slash projectiles through the air when he slashes forward. ES Shadow Rend sends out 3 slashes instead of only one.

Shadow Twister (In the air, Hcb + Punch)

Tony's command grab, only useable in the air. Tony will dash forward, grabbing the opponent before spinning them down into the ground, his body being surrounded by a tornado of aura as he uses the attack.

EX Moves:

Shadow Flash (Qcf + Double Punch)

Tony will dash forward and commit a large slashing combo on the opponent, dealing major damage to the opponent.

Shadow Hurricane (In the Air Hcb + Double Punch)

Tony will dash forward in the air and grab the opponent, then spinning them down into the ground, continuously grinding them into the ground before using a powerful kick to the opponent's spine to finish the attack.

Shadows in the Darkness (Dp + Double Punch) (Takes 3 Bars)

Tony's ultimate attack, he'll slash the opponent with the black aura in his claws, as he does, the opponent becomes encased in black aura until the screen goes entirely black. Tony will then continuously attack the opponent in the dark, the lights then going back on as Tony does the final downward slash attack, the opponent can be either cut at the waist, clean in half or even both if this is the final attack.

Tony will leap down from the top of the screen, landing on his knees and backflipping onto his feet, then getting into his fighting stance.

Victory Poses:


Tony will turn his back to the opponent and cross his arms in silence.


Tony will lick his paw for a moment before jumping off the screen.


Tony will kneel down on his knees and put a hand on the ground, his head down in silence.

Against Felicia:

Tony will approach Felicia's downed body and put a paw on her head, petting her hair softly for a moment.

Death Style:

Tony gets defeated like any other normal character does in this game.


Tony returns back to the remains of his home village, bringing flowers along to the graves of his family. He looks over their self-made graves and sheds a small tear, then being stopped by Felicia, who'd been travelling with him the entire time. The two of them then hug as they looked down at the graves once again…the camera then zooming in on the graves of Tony's mother and father before the camera fades out.
The moveset/Styling of my second created character for Darkstalkers 4, the male Cat-Creature Tony. He's not a boss character like Corruption is, but he's got his own unique style of fighting to make him different to that of the other Cat-Creature, Felicia.

Enjoy Everyone. :3
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