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Darkstalkers 4: Warriors of Endless Night
Moveset: Regina the Were-Rabbit

Name: Regina
Age: 22
Height: 5'10" When fully standing
Weight: 120 lbs
Chest Size: F-Cup
Species: Were-Rabbit

Were-Rabbits are usually very timid by nature, and Regina is no exception. She can easily run rings even the fastest of humans, which she uses mainly to run away from people that she thinks will try to hurt her. Her other power is the time-warping powers that her pocket watch possesses. It was accordingly a gift from her mother when she was a little girl, but it's not until recently that she discovered the true powers that it possessed. Her legs are also really powerful, and because of that they really pack a punch when she kicks. She's also got more advanced reflexes than that of a human as well.

Regina looks as if she has the upper body of a normal human and the lower half of a normal rabbit. She has strips of fur covering parts of her body as well as a pair of long rabbit ears on her head. Her hands are normal human hands although her feet are that of a jack rabbit. Her skin is lightly tanned and her eyes are a beautiful hazel color. The fur on her body is a brown-like color while it's a lighter skin-color on the front, just like actual rabbits are. She also has a small fluffy bunny tail on her lower back.

Attack Layout:

Standing Light Punch: Backhand smack
Regina will smack the opponent using the back of her hand in a defensive manner. Due to her timid nature, it's to make it look like she doesn't want to get close to the opponent.

Standing Medium Punch: Headbutt attack
Regina will attack the opponent using her head, one that will knock her to the ground if she doesn't follow up with another attack.

Standing Hard Punch: Go Away Shove
Using both hands, Regina will push the opponent with full force back, knocking them back a great distance as she also does damage.

Standing Light Kick: Shin Kick
Regina will kick the opponent low, striking at their shins with her jackrabbit feet. It has good range for a light attack.

Standing Medium Kick: Straight Kick
Regina will kick in an upward motion straight at the opponent, her kicks packing quite a punch.

Standing Hard Kick: Jackrabbit Punt
A hard kick using her jackrabbit kick, Regina will send the opponent flying back with this attack.

Crouching Light Punch: Stop palm
Regina, while turning her head away, will hold out her hand in a stop motion, hitting the opponent to do damage. This continues to show her timid nature in its fullest form.

Crouching Medium Punch: Carrot Stab
Regina will pull out a carrot and stab it at the opponent's feet to do damage. It's just as funny as it is cute.

Crouching Hard Punch: Lunging Slide
Regina will jump forward and push the opponent with both hands, falling onto the ground and being caught by the safety cushions that is her chest, the opponent getting tripped and falling to the ground.

Crouching Light Kick: Kick Jab
A quick low kick in by Regina using the heel of her foot. Good for getting quick for consistent jabs before finishing the magic button combo.

Crouching Medium Kick: Splits Kick
Regina will do the splits in order to stretch out her leg as far as she can to get the opponent from a greater distance. Good on distance and looks too.

Crouching Hard Kick: Rabbit Slider
Regina will slide along the ground on her back, knocking out the opponent's balance and making them trip. This attack has some range to it but the distance she slides is pretty little.

Air Light Punch: One hand Stop sign
Works a lot like her crouching Light attack, using her own hand to mistaking harm the opponent.

Air Medium Punch: Double Hand Stop Sign
Works like her crouching Hard attack, only she doesn't slip as she attacks.

Air Hard Punch: Carrot Vertical Slash
Using a carrot, Regina will slash down and hit the opponent, causing the opponent to be knocked back down to the ground quicker than usual.

Air Light Kick: Straight Kick
Regina will attack with a straightforward kick that'll attack the mid-area of the opponent's body.

Air Medium Kick: Double Kick
Regina will do two quick kicks in the air using her powerful jackrabbit feet. These attacks hit right after one another and are extremely fast.

Air Hard Kick: Double Leg Kick
Regina will flip forward in the air, smashing both her powerful legs into the opponent at the same time for more damage output.

Unique Moves:
Rabbit Bump (Punch Throw) (Forward + Hard Punch)
Regina will grab the opponent then bounce them away using her butt, moving forward a bit as she attacks.

Bunny Hop (Kick Throw) (Forward + Hard Kick)
Regina will grab the opponent and push them to the floor, then jumping up and down on them a couple of times before jumping off.

Bunny Bump (Forward + Medium Punch)
Regina will hop forward, butt first, into the opponent to do damage.

Special Moves:
Bicycle Bunny (Qcf + Kick) (ES Capability)
Regina will start by rolling on the ground in a ball-like manner forward and hitting the opponent. If she connects with her opponent, she'll then do a flipping kick into the air before landing back on her feet. ES Bicycle Bunny includes more rolling hits and an extra kick in the air to send the opponent back into the ground.

Rising Rabbit (Dp + Kick) (ES Capability)
A quick rising kick similar to the rising kick used by Ibuki from Street Fighter, this attack having no other purpose but as a protection mechanism as it's good for using to keep Regina out of the corner. ES Rising Rabbit adds an extra kick to kick the opponent to the other side of the screen.

Bunny Body Bounce (Charge Back + Forward + Punch)
Regina will use her body to push the opponent back with a lunge forward. It's not all that useful, but it can be funny to watch at times. This attack is not ES capable like most of her other moves.

Time Warp (Dp + Punch)
Regina will use the power of her magical pocket watch to turn time in her favor, being able to teleport using the slow-down of time. Light punch will make her appear on the left side of the screen, medium punch will make her appear in the middle of the screen while the hard punch will make her appear on the right side of the screen.

Rabbit Dash (Hcf + Punch) (ES Capability)
A quick dashing attack in which Regina will use like a charging tackle, even knocking Regina herself onto the ground if she hits the opponent.
Jackrabbit Stomp (Hcb + medium or hard punch)

EX Moves:

Bunny Arrow (Qcf + Triple Kick)
Regina will do a very fast dash through the air near to the ground, doing a spinning kick forward in order to do damage. The attack sends her opponent to the end of the screen where she'll then do extra kicks for more damage. At the end of the attack, Regina will backflip away from the opponent.

Leave me Alone!! (Qcb + Triple Punch)

A counter attack, Regina will get into a scared defensive position. If the opponent hits her during this attack, Regina will counter with a punch to the face and consistently hit them with her fists, finishing the attack with a kick to knock them away.

Level 3 EX: Mega Bounce (Dp + Triple Kick)

Regina will start with a kick that will that will knock the opponent on their behind if they get hit by this attack. If it connects and the opponent falls onto the ground, Regina will consistently jump up and down on the opponent for damage, then leaping high up into the air and coming down into the opponent with a powerful downward kick, causing a shockwave to be sent through the ground from under the opponent. At the end of her attack, she'll lightly jump off and wink.

Victory Poses:

#1: Regina will nibble on a carrot and smile sweetly off-screen.

#2: Regina will walk up to the downed opponent and poke them to see if they're okay.

#3: Regina will run off crying, saying that the opponent brought it upon themselves.

Against Jon Talbain: She'll approach Jon's downed body, sitting down on top of him as she sighs at Jon's actions to fight her.

Death Style:

Regina dies like any other character in the game, aside from Corruption, Abyss and Shadow

Arcade Ending:

After travelling for a while with Jon Talbain, Regina decides to return to the remains of the meadow from which she once lived, planning to rebuild and live her life there happily, learning a lot after travelling with Jon. Having recently seen Jon fight his evil side, Regina worries for his safety and to how long he'll be able to subside that evil within him. She then decides that for the better of her kind to stay, but promises herself that she will meet up with him again one day.
Another resubmitted piece of work, this time featuring Regina's Darkstalkers 4 Layout. She's a timid character who has a love for making friends, and really hates it when she's left alone. Everything else you could possibly know about her is listed in this moveset. :D

I hope you enjoy once again. ;3
NapalmManexe Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2012
I gotta say I really like Regina. :aww: She's timid but so darn cuuuuuuuuuute!~ X3
DestinyDecade Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
The logo's back and thank god the moveset is too. :) Awesome dude! I hope that this time, it is here to stay.
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