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October 10, 2011
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Darkstalkers: Warriors of Endless Night

Story Created by Hotfeet444


Following the events that took place in Vampire Savior, Anita, the young girl with a tremendous amount of psychic power, had arrived within the Makai following the powerful rifts of energy that Jedah had been giving off due to he'd defeated Demitri and taken his very powerful soul. Anita arrived within the Fetus of God and confronted Jedah, saying that he was a fool with more power than he could possibly control.

Jedah scoffed at Anita's remarks, but he soon realized who she truly was. Though she was now almost a fully grown woman, she was indeed the one he'd been intending to destroy, the protector of the humans and his greatest threat. Anita and Jedah then did battle, and Anita arose as the winner of the battle. She then used her power, fused with the power of Jedah's soul, to destroy the Shintai. The Shintai's destruction let out a powerful cosmic reaction that seemed to disrupt the flow of time, causing a time loop to occur. In this time-loop, the Makai was once again being ruled by the its proper rulers, the Makai nobles.

Anita remained the same to her surprise, but she was able to do what she set out to do in the first place, save Donovan's soul. She'd been forced to end his life due to he'd become corrupt, but she hoped that by rescuing his soul from the darkness, that she'd be able to bring him back to life. To her surprise, it indeed worked.

Many of the other characters of the series were also effected in certain ways. Morrigan and Lilith were still fused, but Morrigan still desired to make trips from world to world in search of excitement. Felicia was still an up-and-coming pop-star, yet to meet a certain person who would change her life forever. Hsien-Ko and her sister were still fighting to rescue their Mother's soul and Demitri was once again alive and back in the Makai as one of the rulers of his own castle. But…not all was as well as it seemed to be.

Remnants of the Shintai had survived the explosion that'd reshaped both worlds, the remnants then grew and multiplied as it fed off souls of the dead and the dreaded, growing into a new being composed of pure evil and hatred, a being known as "Corruption". Corruption revived Jedah from the dead by forging him a new soul due to his real soul was used to destroy the Shintai many years ago. Corruption then spoke to Jedah, telling to him to pursue the destruction of both worlds once again, telling them that both worlds were impure and corrupt beyond repair.

Corruption then forged an army of the dead using remnants of the souls that the Shintai once possessed, planning to use this army to kill the Makai nobles and take the position as rightful ruler of the Demon Realm. Corruption's army needed a leader though, and Jedah already had plans to recreate the Fetus of God in which to take the souls of those who were killed, so Corruption forged together a new soul to lead the army, the evil side of Donovan's soul, Dee.

Tragedy occurs from the attacks on the kingdom of Makai, several of the nobles dying from the ambush. It was not before long that the army struck Demitri's castle, all of Corruption's soldiers falling in battle to Demitri and Morrigan, who'd intervened early in the battle due to Demitri was getting a little overwhelmed. Demitri then vowed that he'd destroy the being who was behind the senseless strike on his castle and his people, and promised to make them pay before taking back his rightful position as ruler of the Makai.

Demitri was not the only Darkstalker interested in the power behind that of Corruption, for a young French Pirate by the name of Ruby Heart had been tracking Corruption's power using the destroyed orb of Abyss, a vile creature that had been created by Corruption in order to destroy all powerful beings who'd be a threat to his uprising in power. Using the power of her magical flying pirate ship, Ruby Heart was able to track Corruption's power all the way to the realm of the Makai.

Another of the new Darkstalkers to come to the knowing of Corruption was a Male Cat-Creature by the name of Tony. He felt the power that the evil creature Abyss possessed and planned to stop it. Upon his travels, he met Felicia, the female Cat-creature, and managed to save her from being ganged up on by soldiers from Corruption's army. The two of them then travelled together, both of them having goals that they planned to achieve and they promised to help the other out along the way. Tony was in search of Abyss in order to destroy him, while Felicia was trying get her singing and dancing career off the ground. Tony and Felicia assisted Ruby Heart, Donovan and Hsien-Ko in defeating Abyss and saving their world, while Tony then assisted Felicia in her first big show, singing a duet with her and sharing a dance number.

Donovan was once again alive and freed from the dark side of his heart, though the darkness within him still existed, but was contained. Anita no longer travelled with him, and was now on a journey to defeat the evil Corruption. He had no memory of his victory over Pyron or becoming his evil self, all of that lost thanks to the power of Anita's soul cleanse. Donovan soon got word of the evil creature Abyss summoned forth by Corruption to defeat the Darkstalkers, and vowed to put him down. Along the way to the city where the Makai gate had been opened, he came across Corruption's army, then coming face to face with his evil self that had been recreated by Corruption in order to lead his army. Donovan then engaged in combat with his evil self, almost being defeated and being forced to succumb to the darkness within his heart, but was saved by Anita, who in turn defeated the evil recreation of Dee and saved Donovan's life.

Back in the Realm of the Makai, the Kingdom of Makai had been overthrown completely by that of Corruption and Jedah, turning the entire building into the brand new Fetus of God and to be the birthplace of the brand new Shintai. Upon arriving at the Castle, Morrigan and Demitri came across another familiar face, the last of the Huitzils, who was fighting off soldiers to protect the small boy on his back, the boy being Cecil.

Corruption was not prepared to let his plans of conquest go to ruin thanks to the power of the Darkstalkers, then using hundreds of souls to forge together a new soul, recreate the soul of Pyron, the one who'd tried to destroy the earth before Jedah first attempted to recreate both worlds for the first time. Pyron then faced Demitri, Morrigan and Huitzil, the battle resulted in Huitzil's destruction and almost killing Cecil. It was then at that time that Ruby Heart and her ship had finally arrived at the Kingdom, her and Donovan entering the battle against Pyron which resulted in Donovan once again destroying Pyron and clearing the path to the top floor where Corruption was waiting. Ruby Heart took Cecil in her arms and said for the rest of them to go on without her as she tended to the boy's wounds.

As the group reached Corruption's throne-room, they realized that Corruption had already began the rebirth of the Shintai, and had already been feeding it evil and vile souls to make it more powerful. Corruption's plan was to completely destroy both worlds and create a world of his own, one where only he and his subjects were fit to live. The plan was against that of what Jedah had planned all along. Jedah then tried to rebel against Corruption, threatening and attempting to destroy the Shintai before Corruption could feed it anymore souls, but, thanks to the fact that Jedah's body and soul had been recreated by Corruption, it took him no effort at all to rip Jedah apart and take back the soul he'd created for him, then ingesting it himself and gaining his power.

Corruption then faced the Darkstalkers and almost killed them all, even stealing the soul of Lilith from Morrigan and ingesting it, increasing his power even more. It was then that Anita arrived, standing up to Corruption stating that she was going to destroy him like he did very long ago. Of all the beings from that time, Anita was the only one who'd not lost her memory thanks to the Time loop. Anita then fights and defeats Corruption once and for all, sacrificing herself in order to save the souls that Corruption had stolen and return Lilith's soul to Morrigan. Anita was now dead, and the Kingdom of the Makai was safe, but without that of a ruler. Demitri then took Corruptions spot on the throne and claimed himself the new King of the Makai, Morrigan taking the second spot as his queen.

The last scenes of the game depicts Donovan standing in front of a tombstone overlooking the ocean, the tombstone where Anita now rested. Shedding a tear of sadness, Donovan promises to keep the world safe from the evil that lied in the shadows, just like she would have wanted him to. As he walks away, the game's story comes to an end…   

Character Select:

Morrigan Aensland
Species: Succubus
Gender: Female
Description: One of the main characters of the game, Morrigan assists Demitri in fighting against Corruption and his army.

Demitri Maximov
Species: Vampire
Gender: Male
Description: One of the main characters of the game, Demitri leads a fight against the evil Corruption after his castle is attacked by his army.

Species: Chinese Ghost
Gender: Female
Description: Hsien-Ko and her sister are in search of their mother's soul, and gain the assistance of Ruby Heart in order to travel to the Makai and defeat Corruption in the hopes of saving her soul once and for all.

Donovan Baine
Species: Dhamphir
Gender: Male
Description: One of the main characters and reborn thanks to the powers of Anita, Donovan is on a quest to stop the new menace.

Species: Human
Gender: Female
Description: The main character of the game, it's her actions that've shaped the events of this game. Anita is planning on defeating Corruption and putting an end to the evil of the Shintai once and for all.

Species: Cat-Creature
Gender: Female
Description: A young Catgirl who dreams of becoming a Pop star, she travels with Tony in order to defeat Abyss so that she can truly make her dreams come true.

Species: Cat-Creature
Gender: Male
Description: A young Catboy whose clan was destroyed, Tony travels to defeat Abyss and save the souls of his family and clan. He also travels with Felicia and promises to help her with her own goals as well.

Ruby Heart
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Description: One of the game's main characters, Ruby Heart is the owner of a flying pirate ship that she uses to travel to defeat Corruption after defeating the evil Abyss. She travels with Hsien-Ko and Donovan.

Species: Frankenstein
Gender: Male
Description: Being reborn from the spark of life given to him by the soul of his creator's daughter, Victor plans to help protect the human world by defeating Abyss.

Species: Abdominal Snowman
Gender: Male (Believed)
Description: Sasquatch's friends have been stolen away by the evil Corruption, and now Sasquatch is on a journey to get them back.

Jon Talbain
Species: Werewolf
Gender: Male
Description: Jon Talbain is on a journey to understand the power behind his cursed blood, and plans to make all who cross his path pay dearly.

Lord Raptor
Species: Ghoul/Zombie
Gender: Male
Description: Learning of Jedah's power, Lord Raptor is drawn to the Makai in search of gaining his power for himself.

Species: Mummy
Gender: Male
Description: Anakaris' kingodom is in ruin, but learns that Corruption's power is enough to restore it to its former glory. Using his mystic power, Anakaris travels to the Makai to defeat Corruption.

Oboro Bishamon
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Description: Now freed from his cursed armor, Oboro Bishamon is now on a quest to destroy the creator of the armor, making it so that the armor may never possess another soul as it did to him.

Species: Demon
Gender: Male
Description: Reborn with an artificial soul thanks to Corruption, Jedah is Corruption's assistant in his plans to give birth to another Shintai and repeat the cycle of resetting both worlds.

Species: Robot
Gender: Genderless
Description: Still protecting the young Mayan boy named Cecil, Huitzil is drawn to the Makai by that of a mysterious power that he'd once felt before.

B.B. Hood
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Description: One of the best Dark Hunters there is, B.B. Hood learns of Abyss and its plans to destroy the Darkstalkers. By following Abyss, she plans to nab and kill the Darkstalkers herself in order to gain a quick pile of cash.

Species: Pure Evil
Gender: Male
Description: The game's main antagonist, Corruption was the one who slayed the Makai Nobles and took over the kingdom of Makai in order to rebirth the Shintai, though his real plans are shrouded in mystery.

Species: Vampire
Gender: Male
Description: Corruption recreated the soul of Dee from the evil side of Donovan's soul that Anita left behind when she saved Donovan's soul. Dee is now the leader of Corruption's army.

Species: Hellstorm Alien
Gender: Male
Description: Corruption forged together hundreds of souls in order to recreate the soul of Pyron. He's now Corruption's pawn and a powerful enemy to those who threaten to end his plans.

Species: Bee-Girl
Gender: Female
Description: Q-Bee's race is dying thanks to lack of food and souls, and one of Q-Bee's subordinates learns of Corruption's takeover. Q-Bee then plans an all-out attack on the Makai Kingdom in order to overthrow Corruption and take the souls he possesses.

Species: Pure Evil
Gender: Genderless
Description: Abyss was created by Corruption in order to destroy the Darkstalkers of the Human world, ones who would pose a threat to that of his plans for global reset. He then confronts the heroes and plants to destroy them all.


Demitri's Castle (Demitri's Stage)

Old Town (Jon Talbain's Stage)

Abandoned Laboratory (Victor's Stage)

Makai Kingdom (Corruption/Jedah Stage)

Downtown Beats (Felicia/Tony Stage)

Abandoned Chateau (Morrigan Stage)

Screams of the Forest (Q-Bee/Sasquatch Stage)

Japanese Temple (Oboro/Hsien-Ko Stage)

Hall of the Warrior God (Dee/Pyron Stage)

Revenger's Roost (Donovan/Anita Stage)

Mayan Ruins (Huitzil Stage)

Rock Concert of the Dead (Lord Raptor Stage)

Ruins of the Egyptian Kingdom (Anakaris Stage)

Top Deck (Ruby Heart Stage)

Much more to come! :D
I've been piecing together some ideas, and here it is at long last...Darkstalkers 4...Aka Darkstalkers: Warriors of Endless Night. I put in a story to connect what happened at the end of Darkstalkers 3 to Darkstalkers 4, and I put alot of time into this. Also I finally included Ruby Heart into something related to Darkstalkers, and one of my own OCs into the story as well (Tony the Cat-Creature).

I hope you all enjoy. :3

I did not draw that pic of Felicia, But I wuv it so I used it. :3
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otaking3582 Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Here's some changes I would make:
1) Have Lilith in the roster. Crossover games have shown that while her ending from DS3 was canon, it doesn't mean that she's dead!
2) more new characters. You think they would go over a decade and less new characters than Street Fighter IV?! No, there should at least be some sort of yuki-onna school girl!!
3) Make Lord Raptor's "Midnight Bliss" mode an entirely seperate character, kinda like male and female Ranma in the Ranma 1/2 games.
Hotfeet444 Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Take a look in the Darkstalkers 4 folder of my gallery, the full roster and details have been released, featuring a total of 41 characters. :)
dragonheart07 Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Interesting. All of this should be used for a DS IV game that all of us wants so badly.
RodrigoFSilva Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
LuigiBoy85 Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2011
dammit! She looks soo cute, yet, deadly at the same time!
TheSwedishElf Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2011
But how does Tony work in a universe where all catpeople are female?
Hotfeet444 Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
It was officially stated in the Strategy Wiki under Felicia's section.
TheSwedishElf Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2011
The Strategy Wiki is wrong. Capcom's own official materials all state that there are no catmen.
Hotfeet444 Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Well now there is....
Hotfeet444 Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Not all catpeople are female, there was a sighting of a tanned Catboy with black hair and black fur, AKA, my character Tony.
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