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April 14, 2012
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Morrigan Aensland:

Species: Succubus
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 128 lbs
Voice Actress: Siobhan Flynn

Special/Unique Moves:

Shell Kick (Down + Kick in the air)

Soul Fist (Qcf + Punch) (ES Capability)

Shadow Blade (Dp + Punch) (ES Capability) (Guard Cancel Enabled)

Vector Drain (Hcb + Punch) (ES Capability)

EX Hypers:

Finishing Shower (Qcf + Triple Punch)

Valkyrie Turn (Hcb + Triple Kick)

Level 3: Darkness Illusion (Dp + Triple Punch)

Dark Force: Astral Vision (Punch and Kick button of the same strength) (Requires 2 bars)

Demitri Maximoff

Species: Vampire
Height: 6'6"
Weight: 223 lbs
Voice Actor: Richard Epcar

Special/Unique Attacks

Chaos Flare (Qcf + Punch) (ES Capability)

Demon Cradle (Dp + Punch) (ES Capability)

Bat Spin (Qcb + Kick) (ES Capability) (Useable in the Air)

Negative Stolen (360 Spin + Punch)

EX Hypers:

Demon Blast (Qcf + Triple Kick)

Midnight Pleasure (Dp + Triple Punch)

Level 3: Midnight Bliss (Dpb + Triple Kick)

Dark Force: Darkside Master (Punch and Kick Button of Same Strength)  (Requires 2 bars)

Donovan Baine

Species: Dhamphir
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 216 lbs
Voice Actor: John Swasey

Special/Unique Moves:

Killshread Surf (Down + Hard Kick in the air)

Hop Kick (Forward + Hard Kick)

Killshread Plant (Qcb + Kick)

Killshread Summon (Qcb + Kick) (After Killshread Plant)

Killshread Lightning (Qcb + Punch) (After Killshread Plant) (ES Capability)

Blizzard Sword (Qcf + Punch) (ES Capability)

Ifrit Sword (Dp + Punch) (ES Capability)

Lightning Sword (Dpb + Punch, Rapidly Tap Punch Button) (ES Capability)

Sword Grapple (Hcb + Punch) (Killshread Plant cannot be active)

EX Hypers:

Press of Death (Qcf + Triple Kick)

Level 3: Change Immortal (Dp + Triple Punch)

Dark Force: Slay Shread (Punch and Kick Button of Same Strength) (Requires 2 bars)


Species: Human
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 102 lbs
Voice Actress: Mela Lee
Fighting Style: Psychic powers while using the Killshread formerly used by Dee in the previous timeline.

Special/Unique Moves:

Killshread Drop (Down + Kick in the air)

Psychic Burst (Qcf + Punch) (ES Capability)

Barrier Burst (Dp + Punch) (ES Capability)

Killshread Flame (Hcb + Punch)

Spirit Strike (Qcf + Kick) (ES Capability)

Killshread Plant (Down + Down + Kick)

Killshread Return (Down + Down + Kick) (During Killshread Plant)

Killshread Pillar (Down + Down + Punch) (During Killshread Plant)

Soul Power (Hcb + Kick) (ES Capability)

EX Hypers:

Psycho Explosion: (Qcf + Triple Kick)

Love for You (Dp + Triple Punch)

Level 3: Feel My Pain (Hcb + Triple Punch)

Dark Force: Guardian Angel (Punch and Kick Button of Same Strength) (Requires 2 bars)

Ruby Heart:

Species: Human
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 144 lbs
Voice Actress: Jamie Marchi

Special/Unique Moves:

Schwarzaille (Qcf + Punch) (ES Capability)

Sublimation (Qcf + Kick) (ES Capability)

Fantome (Qcb + Kick (ES Capability)

Rafale Cannon (Hcb + Punch)

Cannon Fire (Dp + Punch) (ES Capability)

EX Hypers:

Mille Fantomes (Qcb + Triple Kick)

Tour De Magie (Down + Down + Triple Punch)

Level 3: Para Tonn're  (Qcf + Triple Kick)

Dark Force: Fire barrier (Punch and Kick Button of Same Strength)  (Requires 2 bars)


Species: Catgirl
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 128 lbs
Voice Actress: Melissa Fahn

Unique + Special Moves:

EX Charge (Down + Down + Kick)

Rolling Buckler (Qcf + Punch) (ES Capability)

Rolling Uppercut (Punch during Rolling Buckler)

Rolling Slider (Kick during Rolling Buckler)

Sand Splash (Qcf + Kick) (ES Capability)

Delta Kick (Dp + Kick) (ES Capability) (Guard Cancel)

Hell Cat (Hcb + Punch) (ES Capability)

Cat Spike (Dp + Punch) (ES Capability)

EX Hypers:

Dancing Flash (Qcf + Triple Punch)

Sand Storm (Qcf + Triple Kick)

Level 3: Please Help Me! (Qcb + Triple Kick)

Dark Force: Kitty's Helper (Punch and Kick Button of Same Strength) (Requires 2 bars)


Species: Weretiger
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 166 lbs
Voice Actor: Chris Patton

Unique/Fighting Moves:

Shadow Claws (Qcf + Punch) (ES Capability)

Shadow Gauntlet (Dp + Punch) (ES Capability)

Shadow Rush (Qcf + Kick) (ES Capability)

Shadow Spike (Kick During Shadow Rush) (ES Capability)

Shadow Spin (Punch During Shadow Rush) (ES Capability)

Shadow Rocket (Qcb + Kick) (ES Capability)

Shadow Trick (Dpb + Kick) (Guard Cancel)

Shadow Twister (Hcb + Punch in the air)

EX Hypers:

Shadow Flash: (Qcf + Triple Punch)

Shadow Eagle (Qcb + Triple Kick)

Level 3: Shadow Beast (Dp + Triple Punch)

Dark Force: Dark Claws (Punch and Kick Button of Same Strength) (Requires 2 bars)


Species: Jiang-Shi
Height: 5'1"
Weight: 95 lbs
Voice Actress:  Hunter McKenzie

Unique/Special Moves:

Rantetsu (Forward + Medium Punch)

Edoga (Forward + Hard Punch)

Anki Hou (Qcf + Punch) (ES Capability)

Henkyo Ki (Qcb + Punch) (ES Capability)

Senpuu Buu (Dp + Punch) (ES Capability)

Houten Geki (Hcb + Punch) (ES Capability)

EX Hypers:

Chiretou (Qcf + Triple Kick)

Tenrei Ha (Qcb + Triple Punch)

Chuukadan (Qcf + Triple Punch)

Dark Force: Rimoukon (Punch and Kick Button of Same Strength) (Requires 2 bars)

Oboro Bishamon:

Species: Human wearing a set of armor
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 147 lbs
Voice Actor: Kyle Hebert
Note: Oboro's armor is completely different from the armor he originally wore in Darkstalkers when he was possessed. Now wears different Red armor along with his straw hat instead of a helmet.

Unique/Special Moves:

Kien Zan (Dp + Punch) (ES Capability) (Guard Cancel Enabled)

Nu Kien Zan (Hcf + Punch) (ES Capability)

Kibi Tsukane (Dp + Kick) (ES Capability)

Oni Naburi (Qcf + Forward + Punch) (ES Capability)

Kirisute Gomen (360 Spin + Punch) (ES Capability)

Iagiri (Charge back + Forward + Punch) (ES Capability)

EX Hypers:

Togakubi Sarashi (Down + Down + Triple Punch On downed Opponent)

Oni Kuni Hiberi (Hcf + Triple Punch)

Enma Ushi (Hcf + Triple Kick)

Dark Force: Kimen Kudaki (Punch and Kick Button of Same Strength) (Requires 2 bars)


Species: Mummy
Height: 8'10"
Weight: Variable
Voice Actor: Arnold Volsoo

Unique/Special Moves:

Tombstone Drop (Down + Kick during Diagonal Jump)

Tombstone Dive  (Down Forward + Kick during Diagonal Jump)

Seija no Ayumi (Forward + Medium Kick)

Kotodama Gaeshi (Inhale) (Qcb + Kick)

Kotodama Gaeshi (Exhale) (Qcf + Kick) (ES Capability)

Dance of the Coffin (Down + Down + Punch or Kick) (ES Capability)

No Justice No Order (In the air, Qcf + Punch) (ES Capability)

Cobra Blow (Back + Forward + Punch) (ES Capability)

Miira Drop (Qcf + Punch) (ES Capability)

Togame no Ana (Dp + Kick) (ES Capability)

EX Hypers:

Pharoah Magic (Light Punch + Light Punch + Down + Medium Punch + Hard Punch)

Naraku no Ana (Qcf + Triple Kick)

Pharoah Salvation (Light Punch + Medium Punch + Down + Medium Kick + Light Kick)

Level 3: Pharoah Decoration (Hard Punch + Down + Down + Triple Punch)

Shinjutsu no Oshie (Dp + Triple Punch) (Guard Cancel)

Dark Force: Pharoah Split (Punch + Kick of the same strength) (Requires 2 Bars)


Species: Sasquatch/Abominable Snowman
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 243 lbs
Voice Actor: Talliesin Jaffe

Unique/Special Moves:

Big Typhoon (Dp + Kick) (ES Capability) (Guard Cancel Enabled)

Big Towers (Down + Down + Punch) (ES Capability)

Big Swing (360 Spin + Kick) (ES Capability)

Big Breath (Qcf + Punch (ES Capability)

Big Brunch (Hcb + Punch (ES Capability)

Big Blow (Dp + Punch, hold and release) (ES Capability)

EX Hypers:

Big Freeze (Qcf + Triple Punch)

Big Ice Burn (Qcf + Triple Kick)

Big Sledge (360 Spin + Triple Kick)

Big Trap (Hcf + Taunt)

Dark Force: Big Resistor (Punch + Kick of strange strength) (Requires 2 bars)


Species: MerMan
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 137 lbs
Voice Actor: Scott Rummell

Unique/Special Moves:

Killer Vortex (Down + Hard Kick)

Spinning Current (Forward + Forward + Hard Punch)

Trick Fish 1st (Back + Back + Kick) (ES capability)

Poison Breath (Hold back + Forward + Kick) (ES Capability)

Trick Fish 2nd (Dp + Punch) (ES Capability) (Guard Cancel Enabled)

Sonic Wave (Charge back + Forward + Punch) (ES Capability)

Crystal Lancer (Hcb + Punch) (ES Capability)

Gem's Anger (Hcb + Kick) (ES Capability)

EX Hypers:

Sea Rage (Hcf + Triple Punch)  

Water Jail (Dp + Triple Punch)

Level 3: Direct Scissors (Down + Down + Triple Punch)

Dark Force: Ocean Rage (Punch and Kick of the same strength) (Requires 2 bars)

Victor von Gerdenheim:

Species: Frankenstein
Height: 8'5"
Weight: 508 lbs
Voice Actor: Patrick Seitz

Unique/Special Moves:

Minimum Step (Down + Triple Kick)

Gyro Crush (Qcb + Punch) (ES Capability)

Mega Stake (Charge Down + Up + Punch) (ES Capability)

Giga Burn (Dp + Kick) (ES Capability) (Guard Cancel Enabled)

Mega Forehead (Charge back + Forward + Punch) (ES Capability)

Mega Shock (Qcf + Kick)

Mega Spike (360 Spin + Punch)

EX Hypers:

Thunder Break (Charge Down + Up + Triple Kick)

Giga Brute (Dp + Triple Punch)

Level 3: Geldenheim 3 (360 Spin + Triple Kick)

Dark Force: Great Geldenheim (Punch and Kick of same strength) (Requires 2 bars)

Jon Talbain:

Species: Werewolf
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 151 lbs
Voice Actor: Jordan Byrne

Unique/Special Moves:

Sadness Wind (Forward + Medium Kick)

Quick Move (Down + Triple Kick)

Beast Cannon Forward (Qcf + Punch) (ES Capability)

Beast Cannon Rising (Dp + Punch) (ES Capability) (Guard Cancel Enabled)

Beast Cannon Downward (In the air, Qcf + Punch) (ES Capability) (Guard Cancel Enabled)

Cannon Direction Change (Any direction + Punch during Beast Cannon)

Climb Laser (Dp + Kick) (ES Capability)

Million Flicker (Qcb + Punch, Rapidly push Punch button) (ES Capability)

Wild Circular (Hcb + Kick) (ES Capability)

EX Hypers:

Dragon Cannon (Qcf +Triple Punch)

Level 3: Moment Slice (Dp + Triple Kick)

Dark Force: Mirage Body (Punch and Kick of the same strength) (Requires 2 bars)


Species: Wererabbit
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 113 lbs
Voice Actress: G.K. Bowes

Unique/Special Moves:

Bunny Bump (Forward + Medium Punch)

Bicycle Bunny (Qcf + Kick) (ES Capability)

Rising Rabbit (Dp + Kick) (ES Capability) (Guard Cancel Enabled)

Bunny Body Bounce (Charge back + Forward + Punch)

Time Warp (Dp + Punch)

Rabbit Dash (Hcf + Punch) (ES Capability)

EX Hypers:

Bunny Arrow (Qcf + Triple Kick)

Leave me Alone!! (Qcb + Triple Punch)

Level 3: Mega Bounce (Dp + Triple Kick)

Dark Force: Sprinting Speed (Punch + Kick of the same strength)

B.B. Hood:

Species: Human (Profession: Dark Hunter)
Height: 4'8"
Weight: 82 lbs
Voice Actress: Sarah Williams

Unique/Special Moves:

Malica & Mine (Down Forward + Hard Kick)

Tell me Why (Down + Triple Kick)

Tricky Basket (Back or Forward + Medium Punch)

Smile & Missile (Charge back + Forward + Kick or Punch) (ES Capability)

Happy & Missile (Charge Down + Up + Punch) (ES Capability)

Cheer & Fire (Dp + Punch) (ES Capability)

Shyness & Strike (Qcb + Punch) (ES Capability)

Sentimental Typhoon (Hcb + Kick) (ES Capability)

Jealousy & Fake (Dp + Kick during Block) (Guard Cancel Enabled)

EX Hypers:

Cool Hunting (Qcf + Triple Punch)

Beautiful Memory (Qcf + Triple Kick)

Apple for you (Hcb + Triple Kick)

Dark Force: Doll & Bomb (Punch and Kick button of same Strength) (Requires 2 bars)

Lord Raptor:

Species: Zombie (Originally Human)
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 86 lbs
Voice Actor: Scott McNeil

Unique/Special Moves:

Alternate Punches (Down + Punch in the air)

Drill Kick (Down + Kick in the air)

Death Hurricane (Qcb + Kick) (ES Capability)

Skull Sting (Down + Up + Kick) (ES Capability)

Skull Punish (Hcb + Punch) (ES Capability)

Hell's Gate (Hcf + Kick) (ES Capability)

Death Phrase (Dp + Kick while blocking) (ES Capability) (Guard Cancel Enabled)

EX Hypers:

Evil Scream: (Back + Forward + Triple Punch)

Death Voltage (Qcb + Triple Kick)

Level 3: Hell Dunk (Dp + Triple Punch)

Dark Force: Ultimate Undead (Punch and Kick of same strength) (Requires 2 bars)


Species: Soul Bee
Height: 4'1"
Weight: 84 lbs
Voice Actress: Monica Rial

Unique/Special Moves:

C->R (Hcf + Punch) (ES Capability)

Triangle A (Qcb + Kick) (ES Capability)

SxP (Rapidly tap Kick button)

O.M. (Hcb + Punch) (ES Capability)

R.M. (Dp + Kick while blocking) (ES Capability) (Guard Cancel Enabled)

EX Hypers:

Qj (Dp + Triple Punch)

+B (Hcf + Triple Kick)

Dark Force: i2 (Punch and Kick of same strength) (Requires 2 bars)

Lilith Aensland:

Species: Succubus
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 119 lbs
Voice Actress: Stephanie Sheh

Unique/Special Moves:

Soul Flash (Qcf + Punch) (ES Capability)

Shining Blade (Dp + Punch) (ES Capability)

Merry Turn (Qcb + Kick) (ES Capability)

Mystic Arrow (Hcb + Punch) (ES Capability)

EX Hypers:

Splendor Love (Dp + Triple Kick)

Luminous Illusion (Dp + Triple Punch)

Level 3: Gloomy Puppet Show (Hcf + Triple Kick)

Dark Force: Mindless Doll (Mirror Doll) (Punch and Kick of same strength) (Requires 2 bars)

Jedah Dohma

Species: Demon
Height: 7'1"
Weight: Variable
Voice Actor: Travis Willingham

Unique/Special Moves:

Balzo= Perdano (Dash in the Air)

Dio=Sega (Qcf + Punch) (ES Capability)

Nero=Fatica (Qcb + Punch) (ES Capability)

Ira=Spinta (Hcb + Kick in the air) (ES Capability)

Ira= Piano (Punch during Ira=Sprinta) (ES Capability)

San= Passare (Hcb + Kick)

Spreggio (Dp + Punch) (ES Capability) (Guard Cancel Enabled)

EX Hypers:

Finale=Russo (Down + Down + Triple Punch)

Level 3: Prova=di=Servo (Qcf + Triple Kick + Kick)

Dark Force: Santo Ario (Punch + Kick of same strength) (Requires 2 bars)


Species: Robot
Height: 7'3"
Weight: 5005 lbs
Voice Actor: Jim Ward

Unique/Special Moves:

Plasma Beam (Qcf + Punch or Kick) (ES Capability)

Might Launcher (Qcb + Punch) (ES Capability)

Circuit Scrapper (Hcb + Punch when close) (ES Capability)

Reflect Wall (Dp + Punch when blocking) (Guard Cancel enabled)

Genocide Vulcan (Dpb + Punch) (ES Capability)

Plasma Trap (Qcb + Kick in the air) (ES Capability)

Erasing Sphere: (Dpb + Triple Kick)

Final Guardian Beta (Dp + Triple Kick)

Level 3: Final Guardian (Hcf + Triple Kick)

Dark Force: Ray of Doom (Punch and Kick of same strength) (Requires 2 bars)


Species: Hellstorm Alien
Height: Variable
Weight: Variable
Voice Actor: David Kaye

Unique/Special Moves:

Diving Punch (Down + Hard Punch)

Sol Smasher (Qcf + Punch) (ES Capability)

Zodiac Fire (Dp + Punch) (ES Capability) (Guard Cancel Enabled)

Orbital Blaze (Qcb + Kick in the air) (ES Capability)

Planet Burning (Hcb + Punch) (ES Capability)

EX Hypers:

Cosmo Disruption (Qcf + Triple Punch or Triple Kick, Hold and release)

Piled Hell (Dp + Triple Kick)

Dark Force: Shining Gemini (Punch and Kick of same strength) (Requires 2 bars)


Species: Vampire
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 214 lbs
Voice Actor: Robert McCollum

Unique/Special Moves:

Hop Kick (Forward + Medium Kick)

Killshread Plant (Qcb + Kick) (ES Capability)

Killshread Summon (Qcb + Kick After Killshread Plant)

Killshread Lightining (Qcb + Punch after Killshread Plant) (ES Capability)

Ifrit Arrow (Qcf + Punch) (ES Capability)

Ifrit Sword (Dp + Punch) (ES Capability) (Guard Cancel Enabled)

Blizzard Sword (Qcf + Kick) (ES Capability)

Sword Grapple (Hcb + Punch)

Hell Dive (Qcf + Kick in the air)

EX Hypers:

Press of Death (Down + Down + Triple Kick)

Change Immortal (Dp + Triple Punch)

Level 3: Kill Blade (Qcb + Triple Punch During Killshread Plant)

Dark Force: Slay Shread (Punch and Kick of same strength) (Requires 2 bars)


Species: Nine-Tailed Kitsune Fox
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 134 lbs
Voice Actress: Stephanie Young

Unique/Special Moves:

Nine-Tailed Strike (Forward + Hard Kick)

Fox Fire (Qcf + Punch or Kick) (ES Capability)

Kitsune Illusion (Dp + Kick) (ES Capability) (Guard Cancel enabled)

Demon Fang (Punch during Kitsune Illusion) (ES Capability)

Oriental Flower (Kick during Kitsune Illusion) (ES Capability)

Demon Lightning (Dp + Punch) (ES Capability)

Soul Feast (Hcb + Punch) (ES Capability)

EX Hypers:

Carnage of the Damned (Qcf + Triple Punch)

Soul Crush (Down + Down + Triple Kick)

Level 3: Fire Spirit (Hcb + Forward + Triple Punch)

Dark Force: Enchanted Tails (Punch and kick of the same strength) (Requires 2 bars)


Species: Human
Occupation: Voodoo Priestess
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 128 lbs
Voice Actress: Brenda Crichlow

Unique/Special Attacks:

Spinning Darkness (Forward + Hard Punch)

X-Slash (Down Forward + Hard Punch)

Magic Cut (Qcf + Punch) (ES Capability)

Thousand hit Strike (Dp + Punch (ES Capability) (Guard Cancel Enabled)

Requiem Dash (Qcb + Punch) (ES Capability)

Backlash Strike (Light or Medium Punch during Requiem Dash) (ES Capability)

Rising Darkness (Hard Punch during Requiem Dash) (ES Capability)

Dark Arrow (Kick during Requiem Dash) (ES Capability)

Earth Shatter (Down + Down + Punch) (ES Capability)

Flaming Shadows (Qcb + Kick) (ES Capability)

EX Hypers:

Darkness Fang (Qcf + Triple Punch)

Crying Souls (Down + Down + Triple Punch)

Level 3: Dark Dragon (Dp + Triple Kick)

Dark Soul: Twin Serpents (Punch and Kick of same strength) (Requires 2 bars)

Celestia Veranova:

Species: Witch
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 119 lbs
Voice Actress: Gina Grad

Unique/Special Moves:

Dragon Wave (Qcf + Punch) (ES Capability)

Fire Strike (Qcb + Light Punch) (ES Capability)

Ice Strike (Qcb + Medium Punch) (ES Capability)

Lightning Strike (Qcb + Hard Punch) (ES Capability)

Dragon Jaws (Dp + Kick) (ES Capability) (Guard Cancel Enabled)

Dragon Tail (Down + Down + Kick) (ES Capbility)

Leviathan Smash (Hcb + Kick) (ES Capability)

EX Hypers:

Magic Potion  (Hcf + Triple Kick)

War Dragon (Dp + Triple Punch)

Level 3: Elemental Combination (Down + Down + Triple Kick)

Dark Force: Dragon Fire (Punch and Kick of Same Strength) (Requires 2 bars)


Species: Unknown (Soul Stealer)
Height: Variable
Weight: Variable
Voice Actor: Michael McConnohie

Unique/Special Moves:

Grounded Shell Kick (Morrigan) (Forward + Hard Kick)

Amp Blast (Lord Raptor) (Qcf + Light and Medium Punch) (ES Capability)

Blood Feast (Demitri) (Qcf + Hard Punch) (ES Capability)

Coffin Drop + Kick (Anakaris) (Down + Down + Kick) (ES Capability)

Amphibian Swim (Rikuo) (Qcb + Light Punch) (ES Capability)

Killshread Surprise (Donovan) (Qcb + Medium Punch) (ES Capability)

Get em Harry! (B.B. Hood) (Qcb + Hard Punch) (ES Capability)

Beast Drill (Jon Talbain) (Qcf + Kick) (ES Capability)

Kitty Force (Felicia with helpers) (Dp + Kick) (ES Capability) (Guard Cancel Enabled)

Electric Charge (Victor) (Down + Down + Punch) (ES Capability)

Playful Orca (Sasquatch) (Hcb + Kick) (ES Capability)

Anvil Drop (Hsien-Ko) (Qcf + Kick in the air) (ES Capability)

Cursed Drop (Bishamon) (Qcf + Punch in the air) (ES Capability)

EX Hypers:

Killer Swarms (Q-Bee and Lilith) (Qcf + Triple Punch)

Killing Machines (Huitzil and Pyron) (Hcb + Triple Kick)

Level 3: Enveloped in Shadows (Down + Down + Triple Punch)

Dark Force: Birds of Death (Jedah) (Punch and Kick of same strength) (Requires 2 bars)


Species: Being of Pure Evil
Height: 9'7"
Weight: 2543 lbs
Voice Actor: Abyss has no Voice Actor for he does not Talk

Unique/Special Moves:

Genocide Claw (Forward + Hard Punch)

Genocide Spike (Forward + Hard Kick)

Destruction Beam (Qcf + Punch) (ES Capability)

Onslaught Tackle (Dp + Punch) (ES Capability) (Guard Cancel Enabled)

Destructive Burst (Hcb + Punch) (ES Capability)

Impaling Spear (Qcb + Kick) (ES Capability)

Death Spines (Down +Down + Punch) (ES Capability)

Slaughter Roll (Charge back + Forward + Punch) (ES Capability)

EX Hypers:

Genocide Lightning (Qcf + Triple Punch)

Soul Shatter (Qcb + Triple Kick)

Level 3: Countdown to Extinction (Hcf + Triple Kick)

Dark Force: Sharpened Spines (Punch and Kick of same strength) (Requires 2 bars)


Species: The being of all evil sins ever created by both realms
Height: Variable
Weight: Variable
Voice Actor: Patrick Ryan

Unique/Special Moves:

Triple Piercing Claw (Forward + Hard Punch)

Dark Dragon Kick (Forward + Hard Kick)

Nightmare Beam (Forward + Triple Punch)

Nightmare Flames (Qcf + Punch) (ES Capability)

Black Lightning (Qcf + Kick) (ES Capability)

Corrupted Fist (Dp + Punch) (ES Capability) (Guard Cancel Enabled) (Boss can shatter low defenses)

Nightmare Dragon (Hcb + Punch) (ES Capability)

Darkness Void (Qcb + Punch) (ES Capability)

Bloody Spike Wall (Dp + Kick) (ES Capability) (Guard Cancel Enabled)

Bloody Spikes (Down + Down + Punch) (ES Capability)

EX Hypers:

Nightmare Tower (Qcf + Triple Punch)

Endless Night: (Down + Down + Triple Punch)

Boss Combo only: Utter Despair (Hcb + Triple Punch)

Level 3: Blood Shall be Shed: (Qcf + Hcb + Triple Kick)

Dark Force: Bloody Spike Armor (Punch and Kick of same strength) (Requires 2 bars)


Species: Elf
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 112 lbs
Voice Actress: Laura Post

Unique/Special Moves:

Silent Dagger (Forward + Hard Punch)

Dagger Kick (Down + Kick in the air)

Triple Arrow (Qcf + Punch) (ES Capability)

Burning Arrow (Dp + Punch) (ES Capability)

Poison Arrow (Qcb + Punch) (ES Capability)

Mach Kick (Qcb + Kick) (ES Capability)

Cannon Strike (Qcf + Kick) (ES Capability)

Falling Log Trap (Hcb + Punch) (ES Capability)

EX Hypers:

Explosion Arrow (Qcf + Triple Punch)

Arrow Rain (Dp + Triple Punch)

Level 3: Elven Archer Squad (Qcb + Triple Punch)

Dark Force: Ice Arrows (Punch and Kick of the same strength) (Requires 2 bars)


Species: Cactus/Bioorganic Being
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 213 lbs
Voice Actor: JB Blanc

Unique/Special Moves:

Cry of the Wind (Qcf + Punch)

Ventilation of the Green (Qcb + Punch)

No Children and No Earth Punch (Qcf + Light/Medium Kick)

No Children and No Earth Kick (Qcf + Hard Kick)

No Children and No Earth Capture (Qcb + Kick)

EX Hypers:

Touch of the Sun (Qcb + Triple Punch)

Children of the Stars (Qcf + Triple Punch)

Level 3: Break the Law does not (Qcf + Triple Kick)

Dark force: Young Followers (Punch and Kick of the Same Strength) (Requires 2 bars)

Janeeva the Slime Queen:

Species: Slime Organism
Height: Variable
Weight: Variable
Voice Actress: Ashleigh Ball

Unique/Special Moves:

Tripping Teaset (Forward + Hard Punch)

Maid Assistance #1: (Qcf + Punch) (ES Capability)

Maid Assistance #2: (Qcb + Punch) (ES Capability)

Maid Assistance #3: (Dp + Punch) (ES Capability) (Guard Cancel Enabled)

Royal Guard (Qcf + Kick) (ES Capability)

Acid Spit (Dpb + Punch) (ES Capability)

Stench Stun (Down + Down + Punch) (ES Capability)

EX Hypers:

Attack on my Mark! (Qcf + Triple Punch)

The Hand of Royalty (Dp + Triple Punch)

Level 3: Release the Dogs (Down + Down + Triple Punch)

Dark Force: Right-hand assistant (Punch and kick of same strength) (Requires 2 bars)

Guardian Anubis:

Species: Egyptian Guardian Spirit
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 121 lbs
Voice Actress: Brina Palencia

Unique/Special Moves:

Anaconda Strike (Forward + Hard Punch)

Hands of the Desert (Qcf + Punch) (ES Capabilty)

Paw of the God (Down + Down + Punch) (ES Capability)

Serpent Sword (Dp + Punch) (ES Capability) (Guard Cancel Enabled)

Resurrection (Qcf + Kick) (ES Capability)

Back to the Grave (Hcb + Kick) (ES Capability)

EX Hypers:

Rise from the Sands (Qcf + Triple Punch)

Fallen Spirits (Qcf + Triple Kick)

Level 3: Venom Impalement (Dp + Triple Punch)

Dark Force: Lost Souls (Punch and Kick of same strength) (Requires 2 bars)

Lawrence Von Aensland:

Species: Minotaur
Height: 7'7"
Weight: 289 lbs
Voice Actor: Jamieson Price

Unique/Special Moves:

Shattering Fist (Forward + Hard Punch)

Bone Crusher (Qcf + Punch) (ES Capability)

Invincible Steel (Dp + Punch) (ES Capability) (Guard Cancel Enabled)

Impaling Horns (Charge Back + Forward + Punch) (ES Capability)

Steel Tombstone (360 spin + Kick) (ES Capability)

EX Hypers:

Guardian Rampage (Charge back + Forward + Triple Punch)

Earthquake Hammer (Qcf + Triple Punch)

Level 3: Devastator Driver (360 spin + Triple Kick)

Dark Force: Reinforced Steel (Punch and Kick of same strength) (Requires 2 bars)

Marianne Aensland (The Dark Princess)

Species: Lilim
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 133 lbs
Voice Actress: Tabitha St. Germain

Unique/Special Moves:

Twin Drills (Forward + Hard Kick in the Air)

Dropping Drill (Down + Hard Kick in the Air)

Dark Fist (Qcf + Punch) (ES Capability)

Nightmare Blade (Dp + Punch) (ES Capability)

Piercing Darkness (Hcb + Punch) (ES Capability)

Horror Blades (Qcb + Kick) (ES Capability)

EX Hypers:

Nightmare Eraser (Qcf + Triple Punch)

Splendor Hate: (Dp + Triple Kick)

Level 3: Kiss of Death (Dp + Triple Punch)

Dark Force: Naked Illusion (Punch and Kick of same strength) (Requires 2 bars)

Ilexia Oni:

Species: Oni (Red)
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 186 lbs
Voice Actress: Lauren Landa

Unique/Special Moves:

Straight Mace (Forward + Hard Punch)

Iron Charge (Charge back + Forward + Punch) (ES Capability)

Boulder Swing (Qcb + Punch) (ES Capability)

Earthquake (Down + Down + Punch) (ES Capability)

Buffalo Charge (Charge back + Forward + Kick) (ES Capability)

Hammer Arm (Dp + Kick) (ES Capability) (Guard Cancel Enabled)

Drink em Down (Down + Down + Kick) (ES Capability)

EX Hypers:

Iron Crush (Charge back + Forward + Triple Punch)

Dirty Hammer (Qcf + Triple Punch)

Level 3: Fanged Pillar (Dp + Triple Kick)

Dark Force: Hard Liquor (Punch and Kick of same strength) (Requires 2 bars)

Shadow Talbain:

Species: Dark Spirit
Height: Variable
Weight: Variable
Voice Actor: Mark Stoddard

Unique/Special Moves:

Shadow Hawk (Forward + Hard Kick)

Spinning Shadows (Hard Punch Mash)

Dark Cannon (Qcf + Punch) (ES Capability)

Climb Hurricane (Dp + Kick) (ES Capability) (Guard Cancel Enabled)

Shadow Ball (Hcf + Kick) (ES Capability)

Wild Spirit (Hcb + Punch) (ES Capability)

EX Hypers:

Dark Dragon Cannon (Qcf + Triple Punch)

Dark Flames (Dp + Triple Punch)

Level 3: Twin Devils (Dp + Triple Kick)

Dark Force: Body of Fire (Punch and Kick of Same Strength) (Requires 2 bars)

Hanyaa (Original Bishamon)

Species: Evil Spirit that lives within a Suit of Armor
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 153 lbs
Voice Actor: Dave Mallow

Unique/Special Moves:

Alternate Attacks (Forward + Hard Punch or Hard Kick)

Kien Zan (Dp + Punch) (ES Capability) (Guard Cancel Enabled)

Karame Dama (Qcf + Punch) (ES Capability)

Tama Yose (Punch during Karame Dama)

Tsuji Hayate (Qcf + Punch during Karame Dama) (ES Capability)

Kirisute Gomen (360 Spin + Punch) (ES Capability)

Iagiri (Charge back + Forward + Punch or Kick) (ES Capability)

EX Hypers:

Oni Kubi Hineri (Qcb + Triple punch)

Enma Ishi (Qcf + Triple Kick)

Togakubi Sarashi (Down + Down + Triple Punch) (While Opponent is lying down)

Dark Force: Kyouka Yoroi: Kogane Katabira (Punch and Kick of Same Strength) (Requires 2 Bars)


Species: Ghost/Spirit
Height: Variable
Weight: Variable
Voice Actor: Jerry Jewell

Unique/Special Moves:

Stop Sign (Forward + Hard Punch)

Blam! Right in the Kisser! (Qcf + Punch) (ES Capability)

Put er' there Pal! (Dp + Punch) (ES Capability) (Guard Cancel Enabled)

Surprise!! (Hcb + Punch) (ES Capability)

Acid Flower (Qcf + Kick) (ES Capability)

EX Hypers:

Blast Off!! (Hcb + Triple Punch)

Dark Pulse (Down + Down + Triple Punch)

Level 3: BOMBS away! (Qcf + Triple Kick)

Dark Force: Ghostly Illusions (Punch and Kick of Same Strength) (Requires 2 bars)


Species: Human
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 131 lbs
Voice Actress: Erin Fitzgerald

Unique/Special Moves:

Fire Strike (Forward + Hard Punch)

Magnum (Qcf + Punch) (ES capability)

Call in Back-up! (Qcb + Punch) (ES Capability)

Fire Blade (Dp + Punch) (ES Capability) (Guard Cancel Enabled)

Flaming Dagger (Qcf + Kick) (ES Capability)

Flaming Falcon (Qcb + Kick in the Air) (ES Capability)

EX Hypers:

Tank Fire (Qcf + Triple Punch)

Squad Fire (Qcb + Triple Punch)

Level 3: Call in the Air Squad) (Down + Down + Triple Punch)

Dark Force: Flamethrower (Punch and Kick of Same Strength) (Requires 2 bars)


Species: Wyvern
Height: 6'7"
Weight: 194 lbs
Voice Actor: Christopher Sabat

Unique/Special Moves:

Wyvern Claw (Forward + Hard Punch)

Wyvern Tail (Forward + Hard Kick)

Wyvern Pulse (Qcf + Punch) (ES Capability)

Dragon Dive (Hcb + Punch) (ES Capabilty)

Wyvern Rush (Charge Back + Forward + Punch) (ES Capability)

Fire Tail (Qcf + Kick) (ES Capability)

EX Hypers:

Genocide Cannon (Qcf + Triple Punch)

Giga Crash (Charge Back + Forward + Triple Punch)

Level 3: Atmospheric Drop (Hcb + Triple Punch)

Dark Force: Fire Scales (Punch and Kick of Same Strength)  (Requires 2 bars)


Species: Human who was transformed by the Power of the Boundary
Height: Variable
Weight: Variable
Voice Actor: Spike Spencer

Unique/Special Moves:

Requiem Spear (Forward + Hard Punch)

Fear Spike (Forward + Hard Kick, up to 3 times)

Death Bird (Forward + Punch in the Air)

Falling Spirit (Down + Punch in the Air)

Crimson (Qcf + Punch) (ES Capability)

Zero Vector (Qcf + Punch in the Air) (ES Capability)

If P then Q (Qcb + Punch)

Y, Two Dash (Qcf + Kick in the Air)

Equals 0 (Down + Down + Kick)

EX Hypers:

F of G: (Qcb + Triple Kick in the Air)

F Inverse (Qcf + Triple Punch)

Level 3: N to Infinity (Hcb + Forward + Triple Kick)

Dark Force: Crimson Insect Swarm (Punch and Kick of Same Strength) (Requires 2 Bars)
This took a bit of decisive detailing, but I've finally managed to piece together a moves list for each on disc character for my design of Darkstalkers 4. :D As for the new characters, I will now list their forms for Midnight Bliss and Pharoah Curse:

Midnight Bliss Forms:

Anita: A girl in a Witch Outfit

Ruby Heart: A Woman in a Typical Pirate outfit, only a little more Skimpy

Tony: A Female Were-Tiger

Oboro Bishamon: A Female Samurai

Yoko: A beautiful Maiden in a Kimono

Sherayanna: A Witch Doctor

Celestia Veranova: A Woman in the same outfit as Blair from Soul Eater

Shadow: Transforms into one of the random Midnight Bliss animations of the 10 original Darkstalkers characters , only tinted black

Abyss: Transforms into a Lizard woman in a Jungle Outfit

Corruption: Transforms into a Female Clad in Heavy Black Armor

Lilaca: Transforms into a younger elf that dawns a leaf-covering outfit

Janeeva: Transforms into a more human-looking version of her slime-like self.

Guardian Anubis: Transforms into an Egyptian Princess

Lawrence Von Aensland: Transforms into a Holstaurus, the female species of Minotaur.

Marianne Aensland: Transforms into a Naked Maiden with a large black piece of Silk wrapped around her.

Ilexia Oni: Transforms into a more sexual and drunk version of herself

Shadow Talbain: Transforms into a dark skinned maiden in a Black Kimono

Gremling: Transforms into a Female Ghost

Spitfire: Transforms into a Skimpy-clothed Peace Protestor

Dracken: Transforms into a Female version of himself

Arakune: Transforms into a dark-clothed version of Litchi Faye-Ling

Pharoah's Curse Forms:

Anita: Transforms into Herself as a Little girl

Ruby Heart: Transforms into her Spy glass with her hat hanging on it

Tony: Transforms into a Baby Tiger Cub

Oboro: Transforms into his sword

Yoko: Transforms into a Small Fox with Nine Tails

Celestia: Transforms into a Crystal Ball with her head inside it

Sherayanna: Transforms into a book of Dark Spells

Shadow: Transforms into one of the Random animations of the 10 original Darkstalkers characters

Abyss: Transforms into a smaller version of the orb from once he was born

Corruption: Transforms into a dark floating soul within the headgear that Corruption wears.

Lilaca: Transforms into a Small Elf

Janeeva: Transforms into a small blob of slime

Lawrence: Transforms into a small Bull calf

Marianne: Transforms into a Black Vampire bat that wears two large horns on its head

Ilexia: Transforms into a little Red Imp clad in her clothes

Shadow Talbain: Transforms into a Dark-colored Chihuahua

Grimling: Transforms into a small spirit stuck in a bottle

Spitfire: Transforms into a little girl with a Toy gun

Dracken: Transforms into a small dragon hatchling

Arakune: Transforms into a small blob with his mask on it

I hope you all enjoy. :D
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