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Darkstalkers 4: Character Selection List

Morrigan Aensland
Demitri Maximoff
Donovan Baine
Oboro Bishamon
Jon Talbain
B.B. Hood
Lord Raptor
Jedah Dohma
Ruby Heart
Celestia Veranova
Janeeva the Slime Queen
Lawrence Von Aensland (Minotaur Guardian)
Dark Princess Marianne Aensland (Lilim/Succubus)
Ilexia Oni
Shadow Talbain
Manyuu (Armor)
Lilith Aensland
Arakune (Guest Star)

Boss Characters:

Shadow (Secret Boss that can be fought once you beat Arcade with all the already unlocked characters and getting at least 2 perfects and one EX Hyper Finish)
Yoko (Secret Boss that can be fought once you beat Arcade with all the already unlocked characters and get at least one perfect win)
Shadow Talbain (Boss of Jon's Arcade Run)
Marianne Aensland (Secret Boss of Morrigan's Arcade run, must not lose any rounds to fight her)
Manyuu (Armor) (Secret Boss of Oboro's Arcade run, must not lose any round to fight him)
Jedah Dohma (Boss of Corruption's Arcade Run)
Spitfire (Boss of Abyss' Arcade Run)

Rival Fight:

Morrigan – Demitri (Bitter Rivals, but likes him)

Demitri – Morrigan (Hates her and her family)

Donovan – Anita (To show that she's indeed strong enough to handle herself)

Anita – Donovan/Jedah (When he's unlocked)

Felicia – Tony (Friendly little fight)

Tony – B.B. Hood (She's been hunting him)

Hsien-Ko – Lord Raptor (Comedic Rivalry)

Oboro Bishamon – Donovan (Thinks that he can help him destroy the Armor's creator)

Anakaris – Demitri (Seeks out power that can rebuild, while the other searches for destruction)

Rikuo – Lilaca/Sherayanna (He has connections to both of them)

Sasquatch – Regina (Regina is terrified of him, wanting to fight him so that he'll go away)

Jon Talbain – Regina (Jon plans to teach Regina how to be strong willed and fight with passion)

Regina – Jon Talbain (Wants to fight him to show that she's able to take care of herself)

Lord Raptor – Hsien-Ko (Still in love with Hsien-Ko)

Q-Bee – Demitri (Wants to eat his soul so that she can grow stronger and save her colony)

Lilaca – Rikuo (Heard that he'd fought against Pyron, wants to see if he's as strong as they say)/Sherayanna (Hates her and her clan)

Spitfire – Ruby Heart (Wants her gone because of their attack on the Darkstalkers being set to take place, but Ruby refuses to listen)

Ruby Heart – Donovan (Wants to fight him to see if he has the power necessary to defeat the evil that lies in the Makai)

Arakune – Grimling (Once he's unlocked)/Demitri (Seeks to eat him and steal his power)

Character Unlocking Guide:

Huitzil: Complete Arcade Mode as Any one of the original 10 characters

Pyron: Complete Arcade Mode as Huitzil

Lilith Aensland: Complete Arcade Mode with Morrigan

Lawrence Von Aensland: Complete Arcade Mode with Lilith

Bishamon (Armor): Complete Arcade Mode with Oboro Bishamon

Dee: Complete Arcade Mode with Donovan

Sherayanna: Complete Arcade Mode with Rikuo and Lilaca

Anubis: Complete Arcade Mode with Anakaris

Shadow Talbain: Complete Arcade Mode with Jon Talbain

Grimling: Complete Arcade Mode with all the new characters available at the beginning of the game.

Celestia Velanova: Complete 25% of Character Missions

Janeeva the Slime Girl: Complete 50% of Character Missions

Ilexia Oni: Complete Arcade Mode with 5 new characters

Yoko: After unlocking Lilith, Bishamon, Dee, Anubis and Shadow Talbain, Complete Arcade Mode with at least one perfect to fight her as a secret boss. Defeat her to unlock her.

Shadow: After unlocking Lilith, Bishamon, Dee, Anubis and Shadow Talbain, Complete Arcade Mode with two perfects and one EX Hyper Finish to fight him as a secret boss. Defeat him to unlock him.

Jedah Dohma: After Unlocking Lilith, Bishamon, Dee, Anubis and Shadow Talbain, Complete Arcade Mode with either Demitri or Anita

Dracken: Complete Arcade Mode with Yoko or Shadow.

Abyss: Complete Arcade Mode with everyone who has him as a Final Boss

Corruption: Complete Arcade Mode with everyone who has him as a Final Boss

New Character Descriptions:

Anita: The once young girl who followed around Donovan on his journeys has grown up, looking for her own place in the world, also wanting to protecting Donovan from falling into evil's hands once again.

Tony: A battle-damaged Were-Tiger with a respect for the human race, Tony is on a journey to redeem himself after the death of his entire clan. He travels with Felicia during his journey.

Ruby Heart: A Pirate captain who captains a flying Pirate ship, Ruby Heart is out to help defeat and destroy Abyss and possibly his creator.

Yoko: A nine-tailed Kitsune Fox, Yoko is one of the strongest beings in the Makai realm. She travels to the human world to see if she can have a bit of fun with Corruption's army. She's also believed to like Jon Talbain.

Lawrence Von Aensland: One of the protective guardians of the Aensland family, Lawrence is a Minotaur who wields an unbreakable mace and unbreakable sense of justice. He's fighting to keep Morrigan safe and rescue back Lilith.

Sherayanna: The Leader of the Voodoo Priestess clan of northern Brazil, she's a skilled controller of magic that fights using two blades imbedded with her clan's dark magic. She's fighting to protect her people from Corruption.

Celestia Veranova: Celestia is a Witch that's also a skilled fortune teller, being fascinated at always trying new things, whether it be new spells or new potions. She forsees the return of Corruption through her cards, and makes a move to do what she can to stop his actions.

Corruption: The ultimate being of evil, he is the incarnation of all evil deeds/actions done in both the Makai and the human world, which means his power level is ungodly high. He is the main antagonist of Darkstalkers 4, being given the nickname "Alpha and Omega" for he has the power to make life.

Abyss: A being made of pure evil energy and feeding on the souls of others, Abyss was created by Corruption for the sole purpose of eliminating all threats to his plans in the human world, namely…The Darkstalkers that lived there. His path is filled with genocide, for he slaughters many innocent humans in the process just to feed himself.

Lilaca: An elf girl with exceptional arching skills, Lilaca lives in a small elf settlement with her family and friends, which is situated in the Amazon Forest. She's best friends with a Were-Squirrel by the name of Chichi, and has a particular hate for the Voodoo Priestess' that live in the northern parts just outside the forest.

Janeeva the Slime Queen: Janeeva is the arrogant, "Self-proclaimed" queen of her people, which is a small settlement of Slime creatures that live within one of the swamps of the Makai Realm. She seeks Corruption to prove her strength, and to also get revenge for his army killing one of her closest friends.

Anubis: A protective spirit, Anubis is the ancient guardian of Anakaris' kingdom, having made a pact with Anakaris long ago to protect his kingdom, even after he had passed on. When Anakaris resurrects as a mummy and plans to take Corruption's power in order to rebuild his kingdom, she decides to go with him, for he was very important to her, and she knew that he was the one she truly had to protect.

Marianne Aensland: The true daughter of the Aensland family, Marianne was thrown into the silent realm due to her dark ambitions regarding the future of the Makai kingdom. Upon Corruption's escape from the realm, she manages to escape as well, planning to finally take the throne for herself and be the Queen of the Makai.

Ilexia Oni: A strong-willed and kind Red Oni who's got a bit of a drinking problem, Ilexia is a resident of the mountain regions of the Makai. She loves nothing more than to drink Sake, for it's her favorite beverage, which is why she appears to be drunk most of the time.

Grimling: A spirit that loves nothing more than to cause mischief for others, having a very crude sense of humor and loves to laugh at the pain of others. His main goals aren't really known as of yet, but all he seems to want to do is have fun during this Darkstalkers war.

Spitfire: General Veronica Monroe, known to her subordinates by her codname "Spitfire", is the head general in charge of the rebellion against the Darkstalkers when Abyss arrived in the human world. She has a strong will and possesses supreme accuracy and weapon capabilities.

Dracken: A legendary figure of the Makai realm, one who many thought was dead long ago, Dracken is a Wyvern, a Dragon-like creature with immeasurable amounts of power. Corruption's destructive return to the Makai realm, Dracken was disturbed from his slumber. He then makes a move to try and destroy Corruption in order to be able to return to rest once again.

Arakune: The guest character of the game, Arakune is from the Blazblue series developed by Ark System Works. He's found lurking within the dungeon levels of the Makai Kingdom, how he got there and what his goals are unknown. All that is known about Arakune is that he's looking for something called "Azure"
For the first time ever, my Darkstalkers 4 Project finally has a full roster of characters. I have not counted myself, but I do estimate that it's about 43-45 characters. This list also features, for the first time, some of the new characters I was working on in secrecy, one even being an idea from a friend of mine. :)

If you'd like to know anything more about these characters, leave a comment and ask freely. :D Enjoy everyone, and here's hoping that Capcom will actually acknowledge the time and effort I've put into this project, for my favourite Capcom series ever. :aww:
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TPPR10 Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Seems like you din't really know what to do with Marionette but alright. Well, unless she is an assist character for Shadow then that's fine.

And if you haven't think of anything for Shadow yet, I think he would have moves from all the DS veterans but uses them in different fashion or even combining some moves togehter either by quick transformations to the characters (ala Double from Skullgirls who was recently releashed) or by just doing them.
Hotfeet444 Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Marionette is planned to be a DLC character, for which I haven't listed DLC options yet. Shadow, after seeing Double from Skullgirls, would play a lot like her style, so now it's just time to list down possible moves that Shadow could use. With a diverse roster, putting together a fully-functional transforming move set could be quite difficult.
The-Victor-Catbox Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2012  Student General Artist
Hmm. Interesting. :D Remind me to purchase this game if it ever becomes a reality! :meow:
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I'm liking the new designs and how they stay true to the Darkstalkers feel.
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AWSOME!!! If this comes out, I'd play as no one but felicia and Tony X3 CAUSE CAT PEOPLE ARE AWSOME
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