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Priestess Rao/Ninetails

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Moveset:

Gender: Female (Ninetails = Unknown, possibly Male)

Voice actress: Luci Christian (Not official, but possible Choice)

Game Series: Okami

HP: 850,000 HP Points

Power Ranking:

Intelligence: 2
Power: 5
Speed: 7
Stamina: 4
Fighting Ability: 6

Theme Song: Red Helmet Extermination (…)

Description: The Demon Lord Ninetails, finally revealing the fact it has possessed Priestess Rao's body, designed off of the first form that Amaterasu fought in the Dragon Kingdom level of the game and revealing its true identity.

Entrance: The Normal Rao walks onto the screen, Spinning around and gaining the Ninetails mask after a spin of dark aura around her body. She then gets into her battle stance, which greatly resembles that of a Praying Mantis martial arts stance.

Entrance Quotes:

#1: I will show you the powers of the Ultimate evil!

#2: Draw your weapon, and face the almighty Demon Lord Ninetails!

#3: There's nowhere for you to run now...this is where I'll end you.~

Amaterasu: It's been a long time Wolf...I'll finally be the one to finish you off.

Wesker: Your evil is strong, but your goals are weak. Allow me to show you what true evil looks like.~

Akuma: One who gives up his own humanity for power? You impress me Warrior…

Dormammu: I can feel the evil emanating from you...I'm impressed at its power.

Ghost Rider: Let's see if the Demon Hunter is any match for the Cunning Fox…

Red Arremer: Hellspawn...the power emanating from you is weak. Allow me to make you stronger…


Attack Layout:

Ground Level:

Light: Backhand Slap (31,000)

Medium: Sword Handle (45,000)

Hard: Sword Slash Wide (64,000)

Launcher: Thunder Smash (55,000)


Light: Low kick (34,000)

Medium: Low Kick #2 (44,000)

Hard: Sweeping Sword (65,000)

Air Attacks

Light: Air Kick (32,000)

Medium: X-Slash (50,000)

Hard: Guillotine Slash (56,000)

Launcher/Smashdown: (75,000)

Total Normal Combo Damage (Ground + Air): (393,000) or (411,000)

Unique Moves:

Sword Slash Down (F + H)

Rao Slashes down with the Thunder Edge, causing a slight ground bounce if it's done by the tip of the sword.

Special Moves:

Magic Slips: (Qcf + L)

Rao throws out one of her special Magic Slips, these work as her main projectile and can stop many kinds of projectile and cancel out projectiles like Unibeam and Sand Splash. The slips, when they touch the opponent, engulf the enemy on fire to symbolize burning out the evil of the character.

Curse Slips: (Qcf + M)

Not a projectile, but a trap that acts alot like the attacks of Trish, Rao will throw curse slips out onto the floor in front of her, causing the floor to become encased in a dark aura. In a moment after the attack, the aura disappears so that the slip cannot be seen by the enemies. The attacks can only attach to the floor and not be in the air like that of Trish's traps.

Fire Swords: (Qcf + H)

Like from the battle against Rao, Rao will summon out a Fire encased Sword and shoot it out at the enemy. The attack goes through enemies and does not deflect off of blocking opponents. The attack can be delayed in order to throw more than one sword at a time.

Dashing Slash: (Qcfx2 + A)

A strong dash attack that has one hit of super armor on it, the attack dashing straight through the enemy, causing a wall bounce if the enemy is far away. If the enemy is close, the enemy will have a soft knockdown on the ground.

Lightning Strike: (Hcb + A)

Using the Thunder Edged Glaive, Rao summons a strike of lightning to attack enemies from a distance. The attack will either be right in front of her, in the middle of the screen, or the far side of the screen depending on the attack button used.

Power Slash: (Qcbx2 + A)

An attack like that of Amaterasu's due to Ninetails possesses the powers of the Celestial brush as well. Unlike that of Amaterasu's Power slash, Rao's Power Slash will change its range depending on the attack button used.

Lightning Dash: (Air Only Qcf + A)

Kind of like that of Zero's or Strider's aerial slash attack, Rao's attack is almost the same, only her slash is powered by electricity, causing a shock and stun to the enemies it strikes, perfect for starting up a combo on opponents on the ground.

Triple Curse Slip: (Air Only Qcfx2 + A)

Rao throws three curse slips at once, sticking to three areas in which they land. These Curse slips do not do as much damage as the normal one she summons.

Hyper Combos:

Flaming Swords of the Dark Lord: (Qcf + AA)

Using one of the flaming swords she can summon, she summons a giant flaming vortex around the opponent, swirling up until the opponent has been engulfed in flames. Once the vortex disappears, several swords appear above the opponent, all aimed at the opponent, all attacking at once and ending the attack. This attack works a lot like Soki's Hyper Combo from TvC.

Spirit of the Flames: (Qcfx2 + AA)

The attack starts by the dark aura-like silhouette of Ninetail's tails appearing behind Rao, the tails then stretching out in front of her and looming over the opponent, blowing out a large amount of fire on the opponent to cause major damage. When the attack is done, the tails disappear.

Level 3 HC: Ninetails' True form. (Hcb + AA)

A transformation HC, Rao will unleash her true power and become Ninetails in its purest form. Ninetails is as fast as Jill with her Level 3 HC activated and is super-strong (attacks now to 150% more). Ninetails cannot air combo, but has several attacks to use on its own, and is capable of using its own special attacks, several that it can only use in this form (Charging tackle Qcf + A, Thunder onslaught Qcfx2 + A, Powere Slash Level 3 Qcbx2 + A) The form last for only 10 seconds, allowing enough time to take down over half the enemy team if used properly, even finishing the team off. Ninetails can still take damage but does not flinch to any kind of attacks and cannot be knocked into the air. Once the attack is done, Ninetails will transform back into the Rao form and continue to fight.

Victory Pose: Rao will put the Thunder Glaive away and cross her arms, the silhouette of the Ninetails tails coming out of her back, glaring at the camera as it focused in on her face. The tails then attacking the camera.

Victory Quote:  

#1: The ultimate evil has defeated you…now become encased in the darkness like the rest.

#2: A fitting end for such a pitiful fighter like you. Your blood will certainly taste good.

#3: If only you knew what you were up against…maybe you would've had a chance to run away.

Against Amaterasu: I've finally put and end to your pitiful spirit Deity. Your soul is now mine.

Against Wesker: Now you know what the powers of true evil looks like, now die!

Against Akuma: I really expected better of you, too bad you were a waste of my time.

Against Dormammu: Your evil is strong, but mine will always be stronger.

Against Ghost Rider: And now it's the demon hunter's turn…to take a trip to hell.

Against Red Arremer: You're beyond salvation Hellspawn, this is where you shall meet your end.

Assist Quotes:

Call Partner:

"Assist your master!"

Attack return:

"You can take care of yourself"


"This is where you die"

Last Person Switch-out:

"Last person or not, I'm more than a match for you."

Battle Quotes:

"A fitting end!" "That's not possible!" "Insolent!" "No hope for you!" "Embrace the Way!" "Pitiful!" "Is that everything?" "Your time has come!"  "Die!"  "This is it!" "Your Soul is mine!"

Color Schemes:

Color #1: (Regular outfit) Light blue hood, purple outfit with yellow cloth and red beads

Color #2: Red hood, Blue outfit with red cloth and purple beads

Color #3: Black hood, Red outfit with Black cloth and yellow beads

Color #4: Dark blue hood, Yellow outfit with purple cloth and pink beads.

I hereby give Capcom full rights over this moveset and are welcome to use this in any way/shape/form that they
It's time to start thinking about more DLC, and it's time to think creatively. This character came to me as I was watching Chuggaconroy's let's play Okami, and it struck me....this character has fighting game potential. She's an evil priestess who's really the Grand Master of all evil things in disguise, how is that not epic?! Anyways...let me know what you think of this.
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sordragon Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2011
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Okay thats it, I have to do one for Waka! D:<
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she's in mvc3? really??
Hotfeet444 Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Nope. XD This is all my idea of how her moveset could be designed if Capcom were to think about putting her as a DLC character. XD
Marvel1172 Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2011  Hobbyist Artist

but nice work! i'm drawing evil rao right now

i love to visit sei-an, oni island, the dragon palace, and north ryoshomia coast in okami and anytime i play through, i make sure i spend time with rao and himiko while i still can. ( by that i mean pulling them around with c, headbutting them, and doing quests for them.)
Hotfeet444 Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I stay with Rao just to hear her sexy Theme Song. X3
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nice one
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I don't know who Rao is, but she... Seems very interesting, it wouldn't hurt to add another Okami character. :)
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Nice job dude!~ 8D
PPGDBlossom Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2011  Student Digital Artist
Ooh that's an interesting character choice! I'd love to play Evil Rao with Dante and Vergil and Trish and Ammy XD
I love Chugga's Okami LP. X3
Steelteeth13 Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2011  Professional Writer
Well I guess I know who I am picking for my team. XD
kungfuman94 Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2011  Student General Artist
This is awesome. They should also add Waka. He would definitely fit. Team Okami, Ammy/Waka/Dark Rao, would be so cool.
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Very nice. I thought she could be a good choice as well.
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This is epic. This makes me want to do my own Moveset for my Mega Man. Awesome! And I knew you saw ChuggaControy's playthrough of Okami. I did too.
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No boobs moves? lol
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She could grab them and bump them with her boobs! XD HEY! could you make a move list for Leon Scott Kennedy? c; I like him SO much better than Chris. lol
Hotfeet444 Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
He was actually one of my next choices, but I may need to do some research up on him to get some moves down for him. But sure, I think I can do it. :)
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I think its EPIC
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