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July 6, 2011
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Cat-Scratch Savior Chapter #1
The Cat's Meow

Down south on Highway 61, a hectic pursuit between BLACKWATCH Soldiers and the girls of Cat-Scratch was underway. The soldiers of BLACKWATCH are pursuing the Soldiers of Cat-Scratch to retrieve a very valuable disc that contains the components and data required in order to use/run a powerful Bio-Weapon, a certain bio-weapon that BLACKWATCH was planning on releasing on the world a few years before. Aisha Clan Clan, the driver of the Black SUV that the 3 Catgirl soldiers were riding in, was desperately trying to avoid BLACKWATCH traps, coming into view of another Roadblock.

Aisha: Nyaaa!!~Oh Crap!!~(To the backseat) Hey you guys!!~I suggest you two hold on tight!!~

???????: You've got it Aisha!~(Getting back into her seat and strapping in her seatbelt)

Along with Aisha, there was two Catgirls armed to the teeth with weaponry. The first one was a blue haired girl named Felicia, who, despite the fact she was literally holding a grenade in between her teeth and a Grenade Launcher in her left Paw, was a very kind and gentle loving person. The second was easily the youngest of the three, having long bl`ond hair and white fur with the distinct hint of a yellow tint in it. This is Sheryl, one of the rookies of the Cat-Scratch Black Ops unit.

Felicia: Oh God!!~(Looks ahead) AISHA!!~YOU CAN'T BE SERIOUS NYA!!~

Aisha: WE DON'T HAVE A CHOICE FELICIA!!~(Slamming her foot on the gas)~BUCKLE IN YOU TWOOOOO!!~

Sheryl:~(Buckles up her seatbelt and braces for impact) Ohhh Gooooooodddddd!!~(Closing her eyes tightly and gritting her teeth)

Aisha's SUV went head-on into the BLACKWATCH roadblock, using the front-end battering ram to plow through without so much as a struggle. Several pursuing cars zoomed through the hole that Aisha's vehicle made in the roadblock, all still attempting to try and shoot at Aisha's SUV from a distance. Sheryl and Felicia, now that they'd gone through the roadblock, had unclipped their seatbelt and grabbed their weapons, providing cover fire from the windows of the vehicle.

Felicia: (Ducking back inside to reload a new clip) Ah dammit!!~(To Aisha) Aisha!~We've got to get off the highway!~We're all going to be dead if we don't nya!

Aisha: (Looking back to Felicia for a quick moment then back to what's in front of her) You've got a point Felicia, we need to get off of these roads (Looks ahead to see an upcoming off-ramp, only to see it blocked off by an armored Truck) N-N-N-Nyaaaa!!~Not good!!~(Pointing) There's one up ahead, but it looks like they've got it blocked good!!~This vehicle isn't powerful enough to plow through that vehicle!

Felicia: (Reaches under the seat and pulls out an M72 LAW Launcher, pulling out the contractable piece and sticking her torso out the window) Not a Problem!~(To Sheryl) Sheryl!!~Give me some cover fire from the guys on our backs!

Sheryl: (Pulls out her trusty M80 and uses a special stand to connect to the open window, then getting into position to fire) Not going to be a problem meow!!~(Begins open fire on the cars, taking out one of the car's engines causing it to explode, the car behind it barely dodging the fallen debris) C'mon Felicia!~Take the shot~!!

Felicia: (Trying to get a lock on the truck, with a couple of beeps, a consistent beeping noise signaled an automatic lock-on) Open wide and say "GET OUT OF OUR WAY!!"~(The rocket comes flying out of the launcher, sailing through the air until it came into contact with the Armored Truck, blowing it out of the way as it was sent up into the air and brought down on its side) Yes!~Direct strike!!~(Gets back in her seat) Alright Aisha, the road's cleared~!

Aisha: Nice shooting Felicia!~Here!~(Tosses her an Ice Grenade) use this so we can get a substantial distance away from them!

Felicia: (Pulls the pin out with her teeth and tosses it backwards out the window) An Ice grenade Aisha?~Where'd you ever manage to get your hands on one of those special weapons nya?~(Confused)

Aisha: Hmmhmmhmm.~I managed to sneak a couple of em from the Weapons arsenal in the HQ before we left (Giggling a little, then going back to driving the SUV off the highway and onto the main roads)

As the cars tried to pursue them through the off-ramp, the grenade activated and in an instant Ice was shot all over the road, causing the first car's tires to freeze solid and spin out of control. The cars behind the car in front slammed on the brakes as hard as they could, receiving no luck whatsoever due to the roads were covered in super-slippery ice, sliding into the first car and causing a major pile-up.

Aisha exited the off-ramp and decided that they'd try to lose them in the complex streets of Metro City, also looking for the more simplistic route to take in order to get back to the HQ. She kept the SUV going a steady pace, keeping an eye open for possible Cops or around the corner surprises.

Aisha: I'll have to keep my eyes on the road in these narrow streets, you guys be my eyes for both sides. (Takes a side street and keeps her speed steady)

Felicia: You've got it Aisha. (Starts looking out her left-side window) Hmmmmm…nothing yet. Anything on your side Sheryl?

Sheryl: (Looks out her window) Hmmmmmm…I don't see anything. Maybe we really gave them the slip?

Felicia: (Goes back to looking out her window) I highly doubt it nya.~ I don't think BLACKWATCH would just give up that easily (Picks up her Grenade Launcher as a precaution) and neither will we.

Sheryl: (Still looking at Felicia) Are you sure? I know I haven't been in the Cat-Scratch for very long, and I know you've seen what these guys are capable of nya, but just how persistent are these guys?

Felicia: (Not even turning around) Very. They'll kill us, our families, and more just to get that disc nya. They only want World Destruction, and if a few die along the way, their motto is that they would die in the Bio-Weapon Armageddon that they plan to release on us meow.

Sheryl: Oh my God!~But no worries right? We'll never let them get to us that easi…

Before Sheryl could even finish her sentence, several Black Armored SUVs came out of a narrow backroad, smashing their battering ram fronts into Sheryl's side of the vehicle. It smashed her backwards onto the seat, blood pouring from her forehead. Aisha couldn't do anything as her car was smashed across the pavement and came to a stop as it smashed into the entrance to a back alley.

Sheryl: (Trying to keep her cut closed) Myaaaahhhh!!~My Head!!~MY HEAD!!!~(Crying a little)

Felicia: (Looking down on the Severely injured Sheryl as she cried in pain, gritting her fist in anger as she lunged over her and pointed her Grenade Launcher out the window towards the two SUVs, Sending one through the front window of each one, sending them skyward) That should take care of them. me get Sheryl out of here.

Aisha: (Using her massive Strength, she kicked her door clean off as she stepped out into the light, looking a little battered but still looking strong enough to take on the world. She ripped off the back door and helped Felicia carry Sheryl out, who looked like she had been shot in the face for how much blood was on her head) My God…is she going to be able to make it?

Felicia: She can if I get the chance to patch up that cut. I've got some supplies, but it isn't safe here. (Looks back into the alleyways) Wait a second…

Aisha: Hmmm?~What is it Felicia? (Puzzled)
Felicia: These alleyways seem to provide a lot of shadows. Due to we're part cat nya, we should be able to have an extreme upper hand against their soldiers. (Tosses Aisha her Grenade Launcher along with her FAMAS rifle) I'm gonna need some cover while I patch her up. Think you can help me out Aisha?

Aisha: (Puts in 3 new Grenade Rounds and shuts the chamber) You can count on Aisha! (Runs off into the alleyways, Felicia picking up Sheryl in her arms and following closely behind)

Not too long from then, more BLACKWATCH soldiers arrived on the scene where Aisha's vehicle had been totaled, seeing that they'd headed into the back alleys. The Soldiers cleared the wreckage in a flash and were moving as a squad into the dark alleys. The soldiers all had Flashlights equipped to their rifles so that they were able to see, but they weren't anywhere near ready for what was to come.

BLACKWATCH soldier #1: Keep your eyes peeled men, they could be anywhere in these shadows. All soldiers activate your Night vision goggles now!

As the soldiers all activated their night vision goggles, they were greeted to a very unpleasant surprise. From the Shadows flew out a Grenade that blew a couple of soldiers back onto the ground, without a doubt taking a fatal blow. The Soldiers opened fire on the darkness, but couldn't see where the shots were coming from, even with their night vision goggles working.

BLACKWATCH Soldier #2: (Just finishing a clip and putting in a new one) Sir!~Our NV goggles aren't picking up any signs of body heat. Our opponents must be using a Cold-Blooded jammer!!

BLACKWATCH Soldier #1: I can see that Private!~I suggest you watch your corners!! (Opens fire on the dark, still coming up with no hits whatsoever)

On the other side of the Shadows, Aisha was perched on a nearby fire escape, mowing down her enemies as she used her cat-like abilities to see in the dark. In the back of the same building that Aisha was perched on, Felicia was still tending to Sheryl's wound. Just finishing up the Stitching and beginning the bandaging.

Felicia: (Wrapping the bandages) Aisha!~Only a little while longer!~Make sure all those shots count by the way, grenade launcher ammunition isn't cheap!!

Aisha: (Loads in 2 more rounds) Hahahhahaa!!~Of course Felicia, of course (Mows down 2 enemies at once with the same grenade

Felicia: (As she wraps the final bandage around her head) There we are…that should be able to hold for about a couple of hours. Long enough that we can get you back to HQ and get you some medical attention nya. (Pulls her up to her feet) Aisha!!~C'mon!!~Iet's get out of here!!

Aisha: Wha?~No way Felicia!!~We may be able to just get rid of all these soldiers right here and now!!~(Tossing her back down her Grenade Launcher and FAMAS rifle as she pulled out her own Commando Assault Rifle) Hahahaha!!~I seeeee yoouuuuuu~!!

Felicia couldn't believe that Aisha was being cocky enough to possibly forfeit their only chance of escaping. Sticking to her nature, she pulled out her FAMAS rifle and began to open fire on the enemies, telling Sheryl to rest and not move around too much so that the stitches don't break.

It was then at this time that more BLACKWATCH soldiers arrived on the scene, but these soldiers were much more advanced than the ones Aisha was currently fighting. These soldiers all wore face-covering Masks with glowing red eye pieces. Their suit was entirely armor and bullet proof, and with them they carried M60s with Armor piercing rounds and RPGs on their backs. This was one of the Elite Squads of BLACKWATCH known more commonly as "The Steel Guardians".

Back in the alleyway, both Aisha and Felicia were beginning to start to run low on ammo as they were both down to their second-last clips.

Felicia: Dammit!!~This isn't working!~(Puts in her second last clip) Aisha!!~We've gotta get out of here neow!!~We can't win this fight with such low ammo!!

Aisha: (Jumps down from the Fire Escape and runs over to Felicia, still partially providing cover fire) Y-You're right Felicia. Let's cut our losses and find a way to escape these creeps once and for all!

As Aisha and Felicia put their weapons away and planned to escape the soldiers, through the darkness came several pairs of glowing eyes. Aisha and Felicia were almost frozen in place, all until they heard guns spinning up, then ducking into cover as bullets flied through the open space as Aisha, Felicia, and Sheryl all hid on either side of two buildings.

Aisha: Crap!!~Now we've got a problem!!~I'll have to take em out the HARD way!!~(Is about to pull out her Assault rifle but Felicia, on the other side, signals her to stop) What the?

Felicia: (Calling over to Aisha over the gunfire) I'VE GOT AN IDEA AS TO HOW I CAN HELP US OUT!! (She then pulls out a three-chained Grenade, to each side was a Flash grenade, a Smoke Grenade, and a Concussion grenade. She pulled the pins out of all three and tossed it as hard as she could in the direction where the fire was coming from. In a flash, the grenades all went off at once, blinding the soldiers, slowing them down, and sending smoke into the air.) NOW RUN!!~(On this queue, Felicia, Aisha, and Sheryl all sped as fast as they could down the Alleyway and around a couple of corners. They stopped for a brief moment to catch their breath, only to find out the soldiers were still not too far behind.

Aisha: *Pant* *Pant* Oh my God!!~They've…got a lot of Stamina!!~*Pant*

Felicia: (Pulls out her Grenade Launcher and puts in 5 special Rounds) I can buy us a moment of peace. (She shoots her Grenade and a thick Ice wall starts to appear, getting bigger and thicker the more she shot.) Th….that should hold us for about 7 minutes. (Turns around and heads off along with Aisha and Sheryl, only they soon come to a Cross-Roads.) What the…dammit…it looks like we've got no choice but to split up here.

Aisha: And not a moment too soon…(She walks over to Felicia and pulls out the Special disc that the soldiers were after and hands it to Felicia) Here…take this.

Felica: (In shock) Wh…wha? Aisha…why are you handing me this?

Aisha: (Stern) Sheryl and I will take the left path and draw away their attention while you take the right and escape with the disc. We can't let BLACKWATCH win Felicia you know that!

Felicia looks over to see that the soldiers were already at the Ice wall, trying to shoot their way through. She then glances at the disc and puts it into her Storage Backpack.

Felicia: S-Stay safe you two…(trying not to cry)

Aisha: We'll be fine!~ Give me a call on our Private line when you get the chance to after getting to a safe enough location. (Glances to see the Soldiers starting to break through the Ice wall) NOW GO!!!!

Felicia then ran on all fours off in the right direction as the soldiers just managed to break through the ice, seeing Aisha and Sheryl and beginning to open fire. Aisha and Sheryl took no time to stand around and ran off in the opposite direction that Felicia did, all the soldiers following after them both and leaving Felicia alone.

Felicia kept on running and running through the alleyways, not looking back for a second in fear that she may be being followed. After what seemed like another 20 minutes of running, Felicia stopped for a moment to catch her breath, feeling a feeling of hunger come over her, grasping her stomach as it growled.

Felicia: Mmmmmm…dammit. I need to get something to eat…I'm starving!~But there's nowhere to go!~I can't go to any of the City's restaurants, for I'd be a target…not to mention I don't have any money with meow. What am I going to do?

The scene then jumps to a nearby house, a small house that was located at the corner of a nearly never busy street. On the inside of the house, a young man was sitting on his couch, headset on and Xbox controller in hand, playing away with a couple of friends on Call of Duty: Black Ops. He was tall, had brown hair, blue eyes, and had the body of a body builder, being in excellent shape. This is Tony, a young man who's lived in Metro City his entire life, trying to take the problem of street crime into his own hands by using his large knowledge of martial arts in order to disarm criminals and take their weapons, keeping them safely stored within the safety of his home. He has also taken the time to learn these weapons for his own protection. He was just about to finish up a match of Team Deathmatch with a good friend of his named Joe, and he was on a role.

Tony: Give me some cover man, I've gotta place a Mortar Strike!~

Joe's Voice: You got it man!~ (As Tony sits in the corner of a building on the edge of the map, Joe was guarding the door so that nobody snuck up on Tony.) Dammit!!~I got killed man!!~They're coming in!!

Tony: It's alright man…the team's already been set. (Runs out the door and knifes the enemy player as he ran into the house he was in before) Hold on man!!~The bombs are a comin in!!

In a couple of seconds a mortar team was summoned onto the map, dropping several Mortar bombs on the locations that Tony had previously marked. The bombs fell from the sky like they'd come from nowhere, taking out several soldiers in three different locations, winning the match for Tony's team.

Tony: Whoo!!~Final Kill again~!! (Laughing to himself)

Joe's Voice: Oh C'mon!~I was right in front of that guy!!~That was easily my kill that you stole!

Tony: Quit whining, at least you finished atop the team again, with myself being a close second again. (Chuckling)

Joe's Voice: Yeah…I guess so. So…up for another match?

Tony: I sure am!~Hmm…wait a second…(Looks at his clock) Oh damn!!~I think that next match may have to wait a bit Joe. I've got to take the trash out. The Garbage men are making their rounds late today for some reason.

Joe's Voice: I heard it had something to do with some soldiers coming into the city. They've been messing up a lot of crap accordingly.

Tony: Well…Soldiers or not…I can't afford to miss the trash men again. I'll be back in a few man. (He takes off his headset and leaps out of his seat, heading for the basement of his house).

The scene then jumps back to Felicia, who was still trudging through the Dark back alleys of Metro City at dusk. Her stomach was now grumbling more than ever, and she could barely take the hunger anymore.

Felicia: (Gripping her stomach) Meeooow…I'm sooooo huuuuuuungry…and there doesn't seem to be any end to these alleys. My god, I must have been going through these alleys for over an hour neow!~I can only hope that Aisha and Sheryl got away, but knowing how tough Aisha is, I say they had no problem at all escaping those BLACKWATCH creeps.

Felicia continued down the alley, quietly talking to herself and reevaluating her situation, thinking that she'd need to find food and shelter as soon as she could. Hotels were out of the option, and homeless shelters would get her nowhere, except for the possibility of being raped in her sleep. It was then that she could see the end to the alley that went out onto a small sidewalk beside a nearly untouched road. She was beginning to think that maybe sleeping in the alleys was the best choice, but that was before she heard someone coming around the corner. She ducked behind the house and peaked around the corner, her eyes then notice a young man come around the corner with a couple of trash bags in his hand. This man was none other than Tony, who was taking out the trash.

Felicia: (In her mind to herself) Hmmmmm…he doesn't seem to be threatening. As a matter of fact, he's pretty hot nya. Okay Felicia…get it together! Let's see…maybe if I disguise myself in my housecat form...I'll be able to get inside and win over his trust that I'm a harmless kitten…yes…that's GOT to work meow!

Felicia found a couple of lose bricks in the back of the wall of the house, removing them and storing her weapons and devices inside before putting the bricks back in place and covering the spot with a couple of garbage cans. Felicia then transformed into her house-cat form, her white fur glistened as she walked casually out of the alley and down towards Tony, who was too busy with the trash to notice her at first.

Tony: (Stuffing the trashbags into a garbage can) Oh C'mon!!~(Slamming down the lid of the trashcan on the bags, which just didn't want to go down all the way) There we go. I swear to God, that freaking Trashcan is out to get me!~No matter what I put in there it never freaking fits!!~*Sigh* oh well…I guess it's back to Black Ops for me (Looks over behind the cans and sees the Cat-form Felicia walking out of the alley) Heeeeeyyy.~Hey there little guy.~(Gets down on his knees and pets the cat softly) Awwww…aren't you just so cute?

Cat-Form Felicia: Prrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.~(In her mind) Well…so far so good.

Tony could then hear the growling of Felicia's stomach, and quickly realized that she was hungry. In an instant, he picked her up and held her in his arms softly.

Tony: Awwwww…are you hungry little guy? Would you like me to get you something to eat? (Smiling sweetly)

Felicia purred and rubbed her face on Tony's arm, giving Tony the sign that she was agreeing to what he asked. Tony then took Felicia inside and placed her down on the counter in the kitchen. He then went over to the fridge and pulled out a piece of ham that he took over to the cutting board to cut into little pieces. He cut it up into bite-sized pieces, pulled out a small plate, and placed it on the ground so Felicia could eat it. As Felicia leapt off the counter and began eating, she began to start thinking about a couple of things.

Felicia: (To herself in her mind) Hmmmmm…he is a very nice guy nya, and he's also pretty hot too. Maybe if I show him who I really am…maybe he'll accept me and not be afraid. No Felicia…that's not right nya. You can't tell him anything about Cat-Scratch, no chances are gonna be taken here meow.  Alright Felicia…let's show him who you really are nya.

Felicia then leapt back onto the counter as Tony sat at his kitchen table reading the sports section of the Newspaper. Tony looked over and saw the happy kitty Felicia sitting atop his counter, breaking a smile.

Tony: Hey there…you all done your food already little guy? My you are a quick eater.  (Chuckles)

Felicia: (Begins to speak) Yes I did…thank you very much.

Tony then literally felt his heart almost stop beating, slowly looking over to Felicia, not believing that a small housecat was just talking to him.  He wiggled his finger around in his ear and flicked a bit of earwax off of his finger, looking back wide eyed to Felicia.

Tony: Heh heh heh…that's funny. I could've sworn you just talked…

Felicia: You heard right nya…I was thinking that maybe I could trust you…

Tony: T-T-Trust me? (Almost peeing his pants from the situation he was in)

Felicia: Yes…(Jumps down off of the counter, stretching before she transformed back into her human form, standing up and brushing back her large blue main of hair as her big blue cat eyes glistened in the light that slipped through the cracks in the blinds.) I think I can.

Tony: (He looks over Felicia and almost gets a nosebleed, seeing that she had what he could only define as a "perfect body".) Wh-Wh-Who are you? (A little frightened as he tried to control himself)

As Felicia was about to respond, the oven dinged, giving Tony the idea that his roast was done. Felicia looked back at the oven then back to Tony, giving him a kitty smile as she giggled.

Felicia: Hmmhmm.~Why don't I tell you over dinner?

Tony: I…uh…ummm…okay. (Nervous)

Tony soon had the dinner served out on the dining room table, a lovely variety of food was available for both of them to eat. Tony had prepared a little extra something for his unexpected guest as well. As soon as the food was all on the table, he sat down on the side opposite of her and began putting food on his place as she did the same with her own. Soon the two of them were enjoying a special dinner of meatloaf, mashed potatoes, vegetable fried rice and fresh milk. After a bit of time, Tony asked Felicia about herself...

Tony: So Felicia…lovely name that is…tell me a bit about yourself. (Smiling brightly)

Felicia: (Thinking to herself) The backgrounds question…oh how I hate you nya. Oh well…you're a professional Felicia; you can do this no problem. Let's see how well he can buy this story…(Starts to speak out loud) I'm an up-and-coming pop star meow. I've got such a love for dancing and singing and I really want to share my talents with the world.~(Smiles a cute kitten smile)

Tony: That's pretty interesting Felicia. Tell me…what were you doing as a kitten in the back alleys behind my house? (Puzzled)

Felicia: (In her mind) Easiest answer for this question coming up…(Out loud) I was in hiding from these big brutes that were after me nya.~ These big guys stood over seven feet tall, all of them out to get me!~(Quivering in fear) Lord only knows what they would do to me if they ever got their hands on meow…

Tony: Why were they after you?

Felicia: My manager was in debt to a certain source that I didn't find out about soon enough meow. Now he's captured and I'm on the run. Please protect Mr. Tony…(Smiling cutely with big kitty eyes)

Tony: Of course I'll keep you safe. (Returns the smile) I highly doubt any of them will be coming around here anytime soon. (Smirks slyly)

Felicia: Huh? What do you mean by that?~(Puzzled)

Tony: I'm a professional with weaponry and combat, and do my best to keep this city safe from danger with a little hero work…(Still smiling slyly)

Felicia: You're a superhero?!~(Purplexed)

Tony: No No No…but I do keep storage of all the weapons I take off of thugs and gang members. You wouldn't believe what some of these people use on the streets, I even took an M60 LGM off this big-shot thug who thought he could take on the world. Not to mention that the ammo storage certainly racks up around here.~(Chuckles)

Felicia: Wow Tony…that's really something that a lot of people could take after…(In her mind) Finally…the first true thing I've said in the last 10 minutes…

Tony: (Looking into her eyes) Thank you Felicia…~

Felicia: (Looks out the window and sees that the sun was starting to set) Oh no…it's sunset already…

Tony: What's wrong with that?

Felicia: It's the time that they come looking for meow!~May I please spend the night meow? I don't wanna die, I really don't!!~(In her mind) To be honest…this isn't entirely a lie. People ARE looking for me and I DON'T wanna die…

Tony: Sssshh…(Puts an arm around her) eeeeasy there Felicia.~ Of course you can stay. I'll make up the couch for you. (Smiling very sweetly)

Felicia: Aaaawwww…thank you so so much.~(Smiling sweetly as well)

Tony: Anything to help a beautiful girl like yourself in need…

After a bit of time and some more small talk, the two of them finished up their dinners and were not too long after getting ready to go to sleep. Tony was tired from having to get up super early said morning and could barely keep his eyes open, saying goodnight to Felicia as he went into his room and fell asleep very quickly. Felicia went to the couch and tried to fall asleep herself, faking her slumber and not moving for twenty minutes straight. When she was sure that Tony was asleep she leaped up from her spot as quiet as a mouse, opening the window and sneaking out using her agility and flexibility to do so.

She quietly snuck her way back to where she had her equipment stored, strapping her utility belt, communications headset, GPS Wristband, thermal tracker eyepiece, along with her weapons, on in a flash. She then turned on her communications headset and tried to contact Aisha's channel.
Felicia: This is agent #32 Felicia calling Agent #19 Aisha Clan Clan…come in Aisha, can you read me at all?

For a moment, all Felicia heard was static on the channel, but then soon heard the sound of Aisha's voice coming on the other end.

Aisha: Felicia!~You're alive!~Thank God!!~

Felicia: You're alive as well!~ Are you and Sheryl alright? How'd you ever manage to escape?!

Aisha: That story can wait for another time, for we have a problems on our hands…

Felicia: What is it nya? (Puzzled)

Aisha: During pursuit…me and Sheryl got separated…

Felicia: You WHAT?! Is she okay meow?~(Worried)

Aisha: Unknown as of now. I think it's about time we all met up and got the hell out of here with these dumbass soldiers not knowing where we are.

Felicia: We'll meet at my location nya. I'm activating my homing beacon neow…(Pushes a few buttons on her GPS Wristband)

Aisha: Alright, I've got your location and I'm on my way as we speak…

Felicia: Do you have any access to a vehicle nya?

Aisha: Yes but it'll take a bit of handiwork to get to. I'll give you an ETA of about 30 minutes.~

Felicia: Understood…Felicia out. (She then flicked off her headset and went to checking her weapons, inspecting her trusty lightweight Spectre) Dammit…(Checking the clip) Low on ammo and I only have two clips left…(Looks at the window and thinks to herself) Maybe I could borrow some ammo from Tony. I don't think he'd mind too much, for I already know it's going to a good cause…

As sneaky as she snuck out, Felicia managed to sneak very quietly back into Tony's house. She then began carefully and quietly inspecting for the ammo stash that Tony had mentioned…

Felicia: (Quietly to herself) Goddammit…nothing at all nya.~ This guy sure knows how to hide stuff. If I don't get any ammo, I'm a sitting duck for those BLACKWATCH soldiers…

????: Soldiers? What happened to big thugs after you because of your deadbeat manager?

Felicia's ears twitched and turned around to see Tony standing in the doorway to the living room, in his hands was a revolver aimed right at her head. She didn't look intimidated and neither was Tony. There was just quiet, quiet until Tony broke the silence…

Tony: Now…let's find out who you are really…shall we Felicia?~(Taking the safety off and aiming it with one hand)

The scene then jumps to the heart of the downtown area of Metro City, the area covered in BLACKWATCH soldiers, the very same that were hunting the three catgirls earlier that very day. There was a large group of soldiers standing over what seemed to be a dead body, inspecting it for further clues on the whereabouts of the girls. The corpse belonged to none other than Sheryl, taking several shots to the chest when she got separated from Aisha and cornered by the soldiers.

The more elite soldiers stood in a circle talking to one another about the current situation and where the other two may have gotten off to. Soon, one of the soldiers noticed the GPS wristband on Sheryl's arm, taking it off and seeing a blinking red dot in the east side of Metro City.

Soldier #1: Uhhhhh…Commander Valentine…you may want to take a look at this…

As the soldier said that, a young woman dressed in a navy blue skin suit walked up to him. Her hair was blonde and back in a ponytail, her chest being covered by a red device of unknown usage. It was Commander Jill Valentine of the BLACKWATCH military, closest subordinate of Albert Wesker, head of BLACKWATCH.

Jill: (Taking the device from the soldier and looking it over) Hmmmmm…a meet-up point huh? Wow…this unit must be losing its touch. (She inputted a couple of buttons and got an address of the blinking dot) Excellent work private…you've just saved us a lot of trouble. (Calling out to her soldiers) Attention!!~You've all been given the location!~ Head out and exterminate the enemy as quickly and cleanly as possible!~ If the enemy gives you trouble, feel free to go loud!~ Tonight marks the end of the Cat Scratch Savior!!~

Soldiers: MA'AM YES MA'AM!!!~(They all salute her before moving out)

Chapter 1 End…
Finally done, thank you God for coffee and all nighters.~XD

This is the first chapter of the long awaited new series "Cat-Scratch Savior" and I'm happy to see it finally out.~:D

I hope you all enjoy, for the second chapter will be coming sooneer than you think.~:D
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victor639514 Jul 6, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
Such a pity that Sheryl died. :(
Oh and about Tony pointing a gun at Felicia?!........ All I can say is "Don't you EVER point a gun at a lovely, sweet girl's head like Felicia!"
Hotfeet444 Jul 6, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Me: She's my girl and I'd never do anything to hurt her!~Just wait until the next chapter...everything's gonna get rough.
victor639514 Jul 6, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
:fear: (gulp) Hope Felicia's not shot or I'm gonna' be pissed and I'll hate Tony in less than a nanosecond for shooting her. >x<
Hotfeet444 Jul 6, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
1.) That Tony is me. My name is Tony (Stark AKA. Iron Man LOLz XD)

2.) Let's say Felicia has a little trick up her sleeve for the next chapter.~X3
victor639514 Jul 6, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
Oh... Sorry to say that. ^^;

Yay! Felicia's got an idea! X3
Hotfeet444 Jul 6, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Don't mess with Iron Man.~

:iconironmanplz::iconsaysplz:You like girls? I do.~:D
victor639514 Jul 6, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
Heh heh. :D Who doesn't. ^^
Hotfeet444 Jul 6, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
:iconhotfeet444:AKA:iconironmanplz::iconsaysplz:Oh man, you've got your demon girls, Asian girls, Cat girls (personal favorite. X3), Bat girls, Black girls, Clone girls, Milfs, Robot girls *Gaaaaaaaaaasp* Even dead girls if you're into that kind of thing (Picks up a shovel) I am.~:D
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W00t!~ :la: I love it!~ Can't wait to see more!~ :D

Aww, Sheryl died? :( Can you say revenge with claws?~ >83
Steelteeth13 Jul 6, 2011  Professional Writer
Very nice man!!~:la:
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