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Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Moveset

Gender: Female

Species: Umbra Witch

Game Series: Bayonetta

First Appearance: Bayonetta (2010)

Health: 950,000 HP Points

Voice Actress:

Power Ranking:

Intelligence: 4
Strength: 7
Speed: 7
Stamina: 7
Energy Projection: 7
Fighting Ability: 7


Known as the child born of impure blood, Bayonetta is a member of the Umbra Witch clan that is one of the last of her kind, her kind being almost wiped out by the Umbra Witch's light-world counterpart, the Lumen Sages. After 500 years, Bayonetta was reawakened with no memory of her past, all that she had was the knowledge that she was a witch, and that she needed to kill angels everyday or she'd be dragged down into hell.

Assist Alpha: Witch Twist (Direct, Up)
Assist HC: Wrath of Madame Butterfly
Assist Beta: Flaming Claws (Direct, Front)
Assist HC: Wrath of Madame Butterfly
Assist Gamma: Scarborough Darkness (Shot, Front)
Assist HC: Wrath of Madame Butterfly


Bayonetta will summon forth an Umbra portal, which she will step through, then standing in her fighting stance.

Entrance Quotes:

#1: Well aren't you a naughty one.

#2: You're not exactly like any angel I've ever seen.

#3: C'mon then, let's play!

#4: Welcome to MY Fantasy Zone.

Against Dante: You think you can beat me with those cheap toys?

Against Vergil: Well aren't you a bad boy.

Against Felicia: Come here kitty, I've got something for you.


Attack Layout:

Ground Level

Standing Light: Straight Dark Smash (45,000)

Standing Medium: Straight Dark Kick (59,000)

Standing Hard: Roundhouse Dark Kick (74,000)

Standing Special: Wicked Punch Upward (95,000)


Crouching Light: Low Dark Kick (43,000)

Crouching Medium: Low Dark Kick #2 (59,000)

Crouching Hard: Heel Slide (69,000)

Air Attacks

Air Light: Aerial Dark Kick (45,000)

Air Medium: Aerial Overhead Dark kick (60,000)

Air Hard: Gun Fire Kick (75,000)

Air Special: Wicked Punch Downward (90,000)

Unique Moves

Tetsuzanko (F + M) (60,000)

A quick step forward and hitting the opponent with your elbow.

Stiletto (F + H) (80,000)

A small dash attack that pushes Bayonetta closer to the enemy when the attack is used.

Umbra Fire (Gunfire with Scarborough Fair) (Mash H after certain special moves) (Damage Varies)

Icicle Spin (Spinning attack with Odette) (Mash S after certain special special moves) (Damage Varies)

Heel Fire (Hold A after attacking with M or H) (75,000 Max)

Flaming Heels (Down + H in the air) (70,000)

Crow Within (Bayonetta's Air Dash)

Special Moves

Scarborough Darkness (Qcf + L) (85,000 Max)

With a small burst of Dark energy, Bayonetta will lunge forward and fire her gun straight forward. The burst forward can cause a wall bounce if the opponent is right next to the wall, and the gun's bullets go the entire length of the screen. Can be comboed into with Scarborough Despair.

Scarborough Despair (Quickly Tap L after Scarborough Darkness) (90,000 Max)

During Scarborough Darkness, tapping the L button will send Bayonetta cartwheel flipping up into the air, spinning in mid-air and firing off bullets in all directions. This attack cannot be comboed into and the start up time is slow, but the bullets go full-screen, making it tough to get in. However, characters like Ghost Rider have the easiest time against this attack.

Flaming Claws (Qcf + M) (90,000)

Using the flame setting on the claw weapon Durga, Bayonetta will unleash a flaming claw attack forward. This attack can nullify fireballs and has a few frames of invincibility on the start-up, this attack can also be chained into combos and Flaming Rage.

Flaming Rage (Quickly Tap M after Flaming Claws) (100,000)

During Flaming Claws, quickly tap the M button to cause Bayonetta to do a spinning leap forward using her Durga Fire Claws. This attack is almost completely invincible to projectile attacks (Aside from Hyper Combos) but can be knocked out of with a physical hit.

Cobra's Temptation (Qcf + H) (55,000)

Using the cursed whip Kulshedra, Bayonetta will attack the opponent from a distance. This attack can cause an OTG bounce to opponents who're very close to Bayonetta, but this attack does count as a physical hit, therefore moves like Wesker's Rhino Charge Counter can counter this move. This attack can be comboed into but cannot be used in the middle of combos. This attack can be chained into Cursed Constrictor.

Cursed Constrictor (Quickly Tap H after Cobra's Temptation) (80,000)

During Cobra's Temptation, quickly tapping the H button to make Bayonetta spin around on spot, the Kulshedra waving around her. If the opponent gets close enough to Bayonetta (And the distance the Kulshedra takes up is about 1/3 the screen), she'll constrict them using the whip before sending them into the air and smashing them into the ground. This attack is a great combo starter as the smash causes an OTG bounce.

Blood of the Lieutenant (Dp + L) (132,000)

Using the Cursed Grenade Launcher known as Lt. Col. Kilgore, Bayonetta will launch forward a rocket that'll quickly propel across the screen, exploding upon contact with an object or flying right off screen if nothing comes into contact with it. Light projectiles like bullets cannot stop this attack and this attack can be chained into Call for War.

Call for War (Quickly tap L after Blood of the Lieutenant) (60,000 per hit)

During Blood of the Lieutenant, quickly tap the L button to send Bayonetta spinning around on the ground in a breakdance like style, launching Rockets off in several different directions. The rockets all go at an upper angle, capable of knocking airborne opponents out of the air with ease, although tall characters like Nemesis and Sentinel will be able to be hit with or without jumping.

Icicle Blitz (Dp + M) (93,000 Total)

Resembling Chun-Li's Lightning kicks, Bayonetta will let loose a furious barrage of ice charged kicks that'll continuously bash the opponent before smashing against the ground. This attack can be comboed into and use in combos as well as be chained into frozen spike.

Frozen Spike (Quickly tap M after Icicle Blitz) (95,000)

During Icicle twist, quickly tap the M button in order to cause Bayonetta to stomp down on the ground with Odette, causing a large icicle spike to come shooting out of the ground, knocking opponents into the air. This attack can be followed up with an air combo and can also hit OTG opponents.

Witch Twist (Dp + H) (100,000)

What some would call Bayonetta's Shoryuken, Bayonetta will launch herself into the air using a spinning uppercut punch. This attack can be fully comboed into and is capable of knocking airborne opponents out of the air.

Cursed Blade (Qcb + L) (96,000 Max)

Using the cursed blade Shuraba, Bayonetta will do a quick couple of slashes with the katana, being able to cut through fireballs and hit off the ground. This attack is fully useable in combos and can be chained into Fake Out Slash.

Fake out Slash (Quickly tap L after Cursed Blade) (60,000)

During Cursed Blade, tap the L button to make Bayonetta perform the Fake Out Slash. The Fake Out Slash is an illusional hit upon the hit using the blinding speed of the Shuraba, then striking with another hit that actually comes into contact with the opponent. During the first slash, Bayonetta's invincible to physical attacks but can be knocked out of the attack with projectiles.

Thousand Slash Strike (Qcb + M) (113,000 Total)

A super-quick sword technique in which Bayonetta will stab the Shuraba forward at blinding speeds multiple times, the final hit knocking the opponent back but not strong enough to perform a wall bounce. The distance the opponent is knocked back is increased if the opponent is in the air during the attack, and this attack can be chained into Fatal Blow.

Fatal Blow (Quickly tap M after Thousand Slash Strike) (70,000)

During Thousand Slash Strike, quickly tap the M button in order to perform the Fatal Blow. The Fatal blow is a single hit powerful hit that'll cause an instant wall bounce upon contact, taking up a good portion of the screen as well. This move seems similar to the Stinger style of Vergil.

The Beast Within (Qcb + H) (130,000)

Using the ability to transform, Bayonetta will transform into a Jaguar, rushing across the screen and smashing her way through the opponent, then finishing the attack with a lethal claw attack. This attack is actually similar to the Jet Stream Move that Dante possesses.

The Bat Within (Dpb + A) (Counter + Witch Time)

A counter move that works rather differently than other counters in the game, seeing as her counter does not do damage to the opponent on contact, but rather slows down time for a few seconds and leaves the opponent open for damage. The attack button used will make Bayonetta appear in three different locations after she's been attacked, which is either directly in front (L), directly behind (M) or directly above (H). Even with the power of Witch Time, she can still be hit.

Umbran Spear (In the air Qcf + L) (86,000)

An aerial flaming kick that's look seems to resemble Viewtiful Joe's Red Hot Kick, but instead of aiming downward, this kick will aim at an upward angle, being able to cause a wall bounce to opponents if the attack contacts.

Air Cutter (In the air Qcf + M) (75,000)

Using the cursed katana known as Shuraba, Bayonetta will quickly slash around her, causing an instant OTG bounce to all opponents that come into contact with her during the attack, be it in the air or on the ground. The attack moves very quickly, so it's a very difficult attack to counter.

Frozen Tornado (In the air Qcf + H) (94,600 Total)

Bayonetta will spin around as she falls to the ground surrounded by ice, causing substantial damage to the opponent if they're unlucky enough to get caught in the attack. This attack leaves enough time for a follow up into the Wrath of Madame Butterfly.

Umbran Portal (Down + Down + A) (Teleport)

Bayonetta's Teleport, in which she'll drop down through a portal and appear behind the opponent.

Hyper Combos

Wrath of Madame Butterfly (Qcf + AA) (289,000)

Using the power of the Wicked Weave, Bayonetta will summon forth large fists continuously to punch and smash the opponent (While her suit gets a bit skimpier as well), then finishing the Hyper combo with one giant punch that will cause a wall bounce to the opponent.

Fire and Electricity (Dp + AA) (297,000)

Summoning forth Durga, Bayonetta will attack with spinning flame claws before then switching to attack with her Durga boots, which are charged with electricity, then finishing the attack with a combination of the two abilities.

Odette Tundra (Down + Down + AA)

Bayonetta will summon forth Odette on her feet, then gaining the ability to skate freely around the stage, creating ice as she skates. This ability gives Bayonetta a slight speed boost but the main advantage is that the opponent will slip on the ice if they try to dash on it, giving Bayonetta the upper hand. This form will last for a total of 10 seconds.

Level 3: Summoning of the Infernal Demon (Qcb + AA) (465,000)

An area-effect hyper combo, Bayonetta will use the hair of her outfit to summon forth a giant Dragon head demon known as an Infernal Demon (Also showing a bit of skin as well). The Dragon Head will then snatch up the opponents in its jaws and crunch down on them, then throwing them away as it disappears, Bayonetta's outfit then returning back onto her body, the hyper combo then ending.

Victory Pose:

Bayonetta does a small dance and points her gun at the camera, licking her lips suggestively.

Victory Quotes:

#1: Don't stop the action yet! I was just getting started!

#2: As long as there's music, I'll always keep on dancing.

#3: Don't push your luck against a witch…

#4: You're boring to me to death with those repetitive fighting patterns of yours…

#5: I guess I really am one of a kind…

Against Dante: Come back when you learn how to use those weapons darling…

Against Morrigan: You're not half bad…at fighting that is.

Against Vergil: You're much more fun than your brother is. I think I like you…

Against Trish: Even with that flashy sword you couldn't stand a chance. It's such a disappointment.

Against Felicia: I know another Kitty just like you, and I like you a lot more.

Against Ghost Rider: Sorry, but I'm not one who likes to be judged.

Assist Quotes:

Call Partner:

"Don't keep me waiting…"


"Now doesn't this look like fun."

Last Person Switch-Out:

"I've faced greater odds than this many times before."

Color Schemes:

#1: Black Hair/Black Body Suit (Default)

#2: White Hair/White Body Suit (Jeanne)

#3: Brown Hair/ Dark Green Body Suit (Enzo)

#4: Black Hair/Red Eyes/Brown Body Suit (Rodin)

#5: Grey Hair/Yellow and White Body Suit (Balder)

#6: Yellow Hair/Grey Body Suit (Jubileus)

I hereby give Capcom full rights over this moveset and are welcome to use this in any way/shape/form that they desire.

Yes it certainly shall, for Bayonetta, the last of the Umbra Witches, is here in UMVC3! This is all entirely custom made and took a while to fully think through and plan out due to all the weapons and attacks she had to choose from, her special moves count almost matching Dante's. For now, I hope that you all enjoy. :D
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